Funny thing happened this week. I hadn’t paid my Amex weekly purchases in a while, so I decided to sit down and do so this week. I added up expenses, and tallied up the gas, came up with a total and paid. And yet….I still had another $200 unpaid in the balance? Where did this $200 come from?

I haven’t sat down to figure it out, but its got me baffled. The only thing outstanding should be maybe $40 from some tickets I never paid back. I’ll figure it out, but still…that’s quite a bust.

Anyway, this week was ok as far as spending. Fast food crept up again, as I gave myself some slack regarding carbs. Bad idea. I’m back to carb free for another week.

Starting Balance -$19.16
6/5 Deposit $63.00 ($43.84 left)
6/5 Wendy’s $2.34 ($41.50 left)
6/6 Cash (& chips) $21.79 ($19.71 left)

Back to positive!

Except I have to buy groceries next week. The good news is that I think I can buy a pizza peel with that much money. Now I only need a little bit more to get that microplane zester while I’m at it.

I should be going to see some apartments with my aunt today during lunch time, but a few discoveries have me a little discouraged. I still have research to do on the individual buildings, but again….I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at the whole process. I overwhelm easily I guess. [sigh] We’ll see how I feel after I’ve seen a few. I’m trying not to get too excited until I’ve actually seen something to warrant excitement. In other words: after I’ve done my research, found a suitable building at a reasonable price with appropriate amenities. So while I feel like I’m ready to move tomorrow, I’m really not.

Anyway, have a good Thursday!! Perhaps I can come back tomorrow with something new to report.