I happened upon a listing for a really cute looking apartment today. The kitchen looks updated and pretty big, the flooring looks great. Its a smaller building with a gym and a pool. Best part: rent is $1,250, and its relatively close to where I work (I could bike to work).

Well, with the “research” kick I’ve been on lately I did a few google searches and ran across a website that hosts apartment reviews. What I found was a little scary.

Lots of noise due to traffic, bad management, creepy owner of the building (including allegedly showing up to “welcome” a female tenant to her unit, and setting up hidden cameras), maintenance showing up unannounced (well, I don’t think knocking on the door and yelling “maintenance!” counts). A lot of it kinda sounded like people wanting to whine….but then some of it sounded, well, scary.

So, how much of this should I believe and how much of it is probably made up and/or exaggeration?

What would you think?

We were able to get an appointment to view a couple of the units during lunch tomorrow, except now I’m kinda thinking I probably won’t end up there because of all the horrible reviews. Am I being a chicken? Should I still go just to check it out? (Although I feel like I’d be wasting my time as well as my agents…)

(There were a few good reviews. And then the previous commenters would come back and accuse that (usually anonymous) person of being part of the building management posing as former tenants. It would’ve actually be quite amusing….if I hadn’t been considering moving into that place!!)