So, its Friday. They tend to be kind of lax in general, but this friday is particularly lax. Our company is hosting a golf tournament, and practically everyone is there. I didn’t volunteer (way too much stuff to do here), so while my boss is off playing golf all day, I’m here working.

There are just three of us in the office today, lol. This is a small office though, I’m sure there’s more people working at our headquarters….or so I’d hope.

Onto my thoughts on this beautiful Friday…

I mentioned to my cousin yesterday, who lives in a kickass building in the area I’m looking, if she’d heard of any 1 bedroom openings in the building. She said she hadn’t, but referred me to their buildings listing page….they had tons, but according to them they’re ALL rented! Bah….that stucks. However I checked Craigslist today (don’t know why I didn’t think of it before) and there are several listings! Sure, they look generic, and I don’t really know if they’re just pulling another “bait and switch” type deal, but it doesn’t hurt to check. I’m crossing my fingers that one is open!

I had also decided this morning that I’d go ahead and checkout those apartments I saw listed online yesterday. I mean, even if the landlord is a creep (and they put raw fish into the elevator shafts….) it wouldn’t hurt to check it out and see what some options are. Even if its unlikely I’ll end up there. However, in light of the new Craigslist listings my agent is checking those out to find out if we can see any. (For $50 more a month I’d definitely go with a kick-ass highrise than the stinky-elevator-creepy-landlord place.)

I didn’t mention in yesterday’s recap that I had cash leftover from last week!! That always puts me in a great mood….even if it was only $5. Hehe.

Practically everyone in the family (that’s what it feels like) is considering going off on a cruise in a couple of weeks. Its dirt cheap, but I’m kind of annoyed…..partly because I don’t have a passport (my fault), and partly because everyone’s always complaining about how there’s “no money” and yet here they all are wanting to blow it all away on a cruise? More on that some other time. There’s more backstory to that which I haven’t divulged. But yeah, I have no passport, and although technically you can travel to certain islands if you have your birth certificate, I don’t want to take the chance of being left behind! lol.  Plus I haven’t requested any vacation days and don’t know if I’ll want to take them later on. On the positive side, I’ve told the family friend that is helping set this up to keep an eye out for more dirt cheap cruises in the near future. Like…the end of July? (Late “anniversary” trip with the BF?)

Speaking of which, its incredible, but it had slipped my mind that my 6 year anniversary with the BF is coming up soon! I’ve always thought anniversaries were a little cheesy when you’re not married, but I think once you get past a certain point (and marriage is still not anywhere near), you deserve to celebrate anniversaries! So, I’m thinking either a cheap cruise, or something else….but what? I don’t want to blow a small fortune, but I’d like us to do something different and special. Its quite cheesy, but I was thinking of taking him to the local aquarium. I always tell him there’s no way I’d pay for it since I went there on countless field trips as a kid, but he’s never been (and I have a BOGO free coupon, lol) and has expressed his disappointment. Perhaps I can treat him there and then we can go out to dinner at a nearby place.

Have I mentioned there’s only 3 of us here today? I’m thinking if I accomplish my goals for the day I’m heading out early….to pick up my dance clothes before going to a Whole Foods cook out. Yay! I hope it works out!

And so its back to work for me! I really want to go to that cookout! Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. For me that will entail dance rehearsal, a luau, and hopefully some apartment viewing!!

See you Monday! (Or sooner, if anything exciting happens before then.)