No real post to put up right now, but I just felt like stopping by and saying hello to anyone reading. I’m actually in a fairly good mood this Monday. Odd, right? The weekend was too short, I didn’t get to see all the apartments I wanted to, and I left my earrings at home today….lol. You can’t win them all.

After realizing I owe the library $15, I decided to look through what I have at home. A few of the books were about starting a business, books that I never opened. A few others are baking related, which I’d barely looked at. So, I read through the first chapters of the Panera Bread Cookbook (I was hoping they’d have the Tomato Basil bread recipe, but they didn’t) and jotted down the recipes that appealed the most. Forget the rest, I know I wont’ get around to making those anytime soon. lol. Another book wasn’t quite what I thought it would be, so I’m taking those two back to the library. I started reading one of the business books and I’ve started asking around for a graphic designer. At least those $15 have motivated me enough to take another set of small steps for my business idea!

I stopped by the library to drop off a few books yesterday, and their drop box was SO full that there were books practically sticking out!! Don’t these people realize that if their books get stolen from the drop box they’re still responsible for fines?! (Oh, I’m such a paranoid geek, lol) I took my books back with me….I’ll drop them off sometime this week.

I went with my real estate agent/aunt to take pictures of some places on Saturday. The first was a 3 bedroom townhouse not too far from where we currently live. It was pretty big, and had just been listed for rent at $1,800 a month. By that evening (before she’d had a chance to post the pictures) she’d already been sent an offer for it! Guess we didn’t have to take those pictures afterall!

After that we went to a building downtown. One of the buildings I’ve been considering. She was taking pictures of a 3 bedroom apartment, going for $2,300. First of all, we almost had to pay $6 for valet, but then we begged and explained we’d only be up there for 10 minutes. The guy agreed, but threatened to charge if we took any longer. So we ran up. That was strike 1 (valet, not that actual guy). Strike 2 was the hallways….they were super dark (black walls and very dim lighting). It made me slightly nervous/claustrophobic in there! On our way out (only 1 minute left!) my aunt ran into a realtor friend that was showing a client a 1 bedroom, so while my aunt ran out to get the car, I ran up with the lady to check it out! The kitchen was nice (wood paneled fridge! the 3bd one didn’t have that), the space was kinda small, but the views were nice! Unfortunately the building still had a $6 valet. That was the deal-breaker. No one is going to want to drop by if they have to pay to park. Oh, and the 1 bedroom was listed for $1,450, the lowest price they’d accept is $1,300. $100 above my budget.

All this valet frustration (nearly every building in that area charges for guest parking) got me to seriously consider a plan B….move in somewhere further than walking-distance from work. I have another area in mind that is in between where I’m living now and where I work. From the looks of it (after a quick look on Craigslist) there are a few buildings within my budget. We will be checking the MLS listings tonight!

On the money front, I only spent $5 this weekend! And that was cash from last week, so I’m in good shape for this week. On top of that I plan on eating lentils for lunch all week….yum! (Healthy, delicious, AND cheap!) I’ve already picked out my pizza peel and zester, now I just need a little more money saved. As I mentioned in another comment, I received $15 from a mystery shop, and although I’d love to spend it on something else, I’m going to do the right thing and pay off my library fees. I also got back $24 or so from my car registration. Although it looks like the dealer charged me $20 for the delivery of the tag. WTF!! If I’d have known they would do that I would’ve been MORE THAN HAPPY to pick it up myself. What’s done is done though, I guess I should just be glad I got something back. I’m putting that $24 into my car savings (which I’m trying to build to $300 for oil changes and other maintenance. Right now I believe its at $111).

You may have also noted I have yet to contribute anything to my lasik fund. I’m just not really feeling it these days, lol. I’d much rather save up towards something else I’ve been wanting for ages…..A STAND MIXER!!! I also have a new belly dance related obsession….the drum!!! I want one so bad, but they’re about $150. Nevermind the fact that I don’t even know how to play it. Once I get it I’ll probably want to take classes for that too. lol. (Don’t worry, I won’t buy one anytime soon….I think…) Actually, I don’t really want to spend money on anything too big ($100+) until after I move. I want to make sure I’m all squared away with my budget and finances so I can start with a semi-clean slate!

Well, that was way more than I thought I’d write. hehe. I hope your Monday is going well.