I keep whining to myself about how I wish I could “afford*” more than $1,200 a month for an apartment. I’d be able to find something much nicer, much faster. However, the more I say this to myself, the closer I am to believing that I deserve a pity party. I mean, there are tons of people my age, with jobs that I’m sure pay less than mine that live in nicer places than the places I’ve been looking at….right?!!

Anyway, I realize there are way many assumptions in my thoughts, but that’s just what happens when you get excited to look at some nice apartments, only to find that they’re all above what you’re willing to pay. I just want to have my cake, and eat it too, and I need to realize its not going to happen unless I compromise on something (or I get lucky).

While I’m still going to cross my fingers and hope I get lucky and find a cheap and decent unit in a nice building, I need to come to terms with reality. If I want to continue saving 10% of my income for retirement AND I want to be able to save additional money for vacations and other non-necessities AND I want to live on my own, I’m going to have to abide by my budget….and my budget will only buy me so much.

So no, I don’t deserve a pity party, and I have to get over myself. Tons of people my age move out on their own (and, um, way younger too), and tons of them DON’T live in luxury high rises. Its not the end of the world if I can’t live in one either.

That being said, I’m still scouring Craigslist and the MLS for my lucky break. =]  Can’t blame me for trying….


*Let me take a minute and comment on the word “afford”. Its so…..relative. Its making me mad. It makes me feel broke, when I’m clearly not. It makes me feel like a kid that needs boundaries (when its not just children that need boundaries….we all do). I don’t know. I need to take a break from that term….