Is anyone else shocked that we’re more than halfway through June? I am. I’m not ready for July….Lots of things should be happening in July. Lots of things I’m not ready for. Like turning 25!

6/12 Deposit $63.00
6/15 Grocery & Cash $24.79 ($38.21 left)
6/18 Amazon $8.87 ($29.34 left)

The $8.87 was actually from the purchase of my Pizza peel and zester!! I got ahead of myself, reasoning that I’d be able to save the rest of the money I needed anyway. Waiting would be kinda silly (it was late. I wanted the damn peel. I would’ve come up with any excuse, lol) The total was $44.90, and since I had $36.03 saved up, $8.87 was the difference. I came in under the $50 I had made my savings goal, but I really knew I’d be closer to $40. I actually ended up getting a slightly more expensive “Epicurean surface” peel because the one I originally wanted to buy (Mario Batali metal peel) was out of stock. I didn’t want to wait 4-6 weeks. Plus, I can cut stuff on this one without worrying about the surface or warping from wood. Its also the one they sell at William-Sonoma, and for some reason I trust that they sell quality stuff in their stores. Anyway, I’m happy about my purchase….lets see how I feel when I get them in the mail! I can’t wait to have pizza! (And use my pizza stone for the first time since I got it a year ago, lol).

So this week I’ve been good and eating at home. I still managed to have a crunch wrap during the weekend, but its been a big improvement over last month. Like I always say, baby steps. Overall things are looking pretty good (money-wise). I now have $29.34 that I can choose to add to any of my many funds….there is my stand mixer fund, lasik fund, haircut fund, dance class fund (for extra classes beyond once a week), and the general extra money fund (where I can just let things sit until I get an urge to use the money in a particular way). Now that I think of it, it will probably go towards father’s day expenses this weekend. We usually go out to a restaurant with my dad, but we’ve yet to decide where. $30 should be a good portion of it if I split the costs with my sister. As long as it doesn’t go over $90 for my half I should be good. =]

I also wanted to go out for our “faux-nniversary” this weekend. 6 years! Except I think its going to rain, so my plans wouldn’t really work out. Hopefully it either won’t rain, or we’ll come up with another plan. Or we can just pick another weekend….the date is kind of arbitrarily picked anyway. Another weekend would be fine with me, actually, since that would mean I could concentrate on just paying for Father’s day this weekend. hehe.

Well, I wish all the fathers out there a happy day on Sunday! And for the rest of us….have a good weekend!