Note: I wrote this post a couple of months ago and never posted….more of my venting about the house search. I have since un-officially switched to the rental market, although that is almost as emotionally draining as looking for a house to buy. I’m sure there are others that can relate to this….


I feel like I’ve been house hunting FOREVER. This is probably because I’ve been browsing real estate sites for over a year now, looking for the perfect and miraculously affordable (and undiscovered) downtown loft (in very the beginning), or looking for the adorably cute undervalued house at a riduculous house. Well, it hasn’t happened. And when you stop to consider that I’ve only seen 5 listings in person, well I haven’t done much searching at all!

What I’ve found, is that its really emotionally draining for me. I’m an optimist in denial. Against my better judgement I usually run across a listing that looks halfway decent. I notify my agent to try and set up an appointment. In the meantime I look at the pictures, and slowly (without realizing it) I fill in the blanks myself. I start imagining myself in the actual place, what I’d do with the space. By the time I see the listing I’ve already got a mental image of it. However, some of the times I never get to see the listing, or when I get there its completely different from what I imagined it.

For example, the two houses I went to see yesterday:

The first one was in a nicer area than I had imagined. A plus, right off the bat! It looked decent outside. As I sat in my car waiting for my agent I started imagining what it would look inside. Wow, for $179k I could do a lot with this place! And then….we went inside. Oh, did I fail to mention this place was built in 1947? Yeah, I like to ignore important facts like those, lol. Well, it had wood floors (old ones), a fireplace (that is unheard of in these parts….that means its definitely old), the rooms were tiny and the whole place was filthy (as in “eaten up” base boards, tons of dead roaches, A/C was torn out). Anyway, my brief little dream was ruined. A house like that would take a lot of time, energy, and money before it was liveable.

Next house I had actually seen pictures of before going. It looked ok. The backyard was big. However it wasn’t in the same area I thought it would be, this one was….less desireable. It just felt old, and was pretty depressing.

Let’s take another example….a $156,000 house I had seen a listing for. I checked out the area, it was in a good area around my old high school. Score! I want to check this one out! Well, turns out my agent had seen the listing before….it was a cash only offer. We’re not sure why, but we’re assuming its either torn up inside, or it has an illegal addition that won’t allow anyone to get financing.

I’m just getting drained and trying to find a single family house. I don’t want to be financially stretching myself too much, so I’m keeping the range under $200k. (Would I even get approved for more? I haven’t tried. This is the thousandth time I say that, but maybe its time I should check….) Anyway, at that price the pickings are slim.