I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been getting greedy. I usually follow strict “rules”, but I’ve been wanting to break them….and for what? To buy more stuff.

I’m not talking about the cyclical “let’s go shopping! Screw the budget!” where I spend $100 or so on clothes or something equally unnecessary at the moment (and then regret it, and scrimp and save until I pay it back). I’m talking about days when I start thinking “do I really need to save 10% for retirement? No one around here is doing it” (totally not taking you bloggers into account…). Or “I know I normally transfer my savings interest to my E-fund, but maybe I can use it towards something else?”

In the big scheme of things, I’m sure $40 from interest isn’t going to make a HUGE deal in my Emergency fund, nor will spending my extra fun money from last week change my life forever, but I’m more concerned about the trend. Afterall, I start bending my rules for one thing, and retirement could be next!! That’s usually the big one on my mind. After 3 years of not really caring that I’m putting my money aside into my 401k, I’m finally starting to get antsy about it. It worries me that I want to stop with my few healthy habits, I should be happy to save!

Well, I guess that shows I’m not immune to the temptations I see others fall into. It was only a matter of time….now that I won’t be able to save up 50% of my income, I’m starting to see the impact that every extra dollar can make. And at the age of 24, I’d much rather be spending that money on fun stuff like traveling (or stand mixers) than on retirement. I mean, its over 40 years from now?!! I’ve got plenty of time, RIGHT?!

I know, I know….I should know better than that, and I do. But every once in a while I doubt myself and wonder if anyone will really notice if I start changing my ways. The reality is no one will….except me. And that’s who I’m putting my money aside for afterall.

Ugh, being responsible is such a bummer sometimes!