I’d been doing so well until today! Let me back up first…I didn’t go over my budget this week! Hoorah! In spite of having gone out for lunch on Father’s day, doing a little grocery shopping, and taking the BF out for burgers (at Five Guys….yum, I want more…) I managed not to go over! I ate leftovers for lunch, did pretty well with sticking to minimal carbs (well, Five Guys doesn’t count)… all until today.

I was driving back to work after a meeting, and for some reason I had imagined I would be driving back just a little before lunch time. I wanted McDonalds. BUT at 9:45am McDonalds only serves breakfast (go figure, on the weekends I barely ever make it out in time for breakfast!). So, disappointed that I couldn’t have a Big Mac, or even a wrap, I stopped by the neighboring CVS for a snack. Bad idea. I only had $4 cash, and I wanted a Symphony bar. “That’s not a proper lunch!”, I reasoned with myself….and grabbed an additional bag of Cheetos puffs. I don’t know what came over me. An hour later I had eaten ALL of it. King sized Symphony bar and all. [sigh] I feel like an addict. So ashamed.

Sure, I could’ve waited a couple hours and driven or even walked to get a better lunch for $4, but I didn’t want to drive since I’d lose whatever parking spot I got and have to park on the 15th floor or something, and I didn’t want to walk because my feet were already hurting a little at 10am…plus there was the threat of rain. So I somehow figured it was “now or never”. Like I said, there’s no reasoning with an addict.

Back to the point of this post….my spending.

6/19 Deposit $63.00
6/19 Five Guys $19.32 ($43.68 left)
6/20 Grocery $13.89 ($29.79 left)
6/21 Father’s Day lunch $22.02 ($7.77 left) (Total bill was split between myself, mom, and sister)
6/22 Taco Bell $4.47 ($3.30 left)

Ok, so I barely made it. But still, I did! Right, and I forgot about that Taco Bell….guess I wasn’t as good as I remembered (the Crunchwrap was delicious though). Although in my defense that was another day that I was driving from meeting to meeting all morning, so taking a non-refrigerated lunch would’ve been difficult. Although I guess I could’ve had something slightly healthier than a Crunchwrap. =[   I’ll remember to do better next time!

I feel like a flip-flopper because of how fast I change my mini-savings goals, but I thought I’d give an update on that. Now that I bought my peel and zester (got the zester in the mail on Wednesday!) I was going to start putting money aside for a stand mixer. But then I remembered I also want to join a running club in the fall. So since I can’t make up my mind what will come first, I’m going to let the money sit (on a line in one of my spreadsheets) until I figure it out. It will probably be one of those two, unless something else comes up. =]

I’m also adding a new guideline for myself….if an item I want to buy is less than $50 I won’t add it to my “savings goals”. It’ll just have to come out of weekly spending. You see, what keeps happening is that I come up with something else (“Oh, I need shoes” or “I need a $20 [insert item name]”) and that just takes away from my focus. By putting my attention towards bigger items I think its more motivating. Or maybe its just me? Either way, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.