I feel a little sad saying goodbye to June. It went by so fast. Plus, it marks the halfway point of the year. That means half of 2009 is over. That might be a good thing though. Let’s hope the second half is brighter.

June Goals

1. Read one business related book. I wanted to read Craft, Inc., but my library just received it. That was the status at the beginning of the month, and its still the case at the end. I guess it takes a while to bring a book into the system? [shrugs] My business involves baking, so I guess it counts that I read the Panera bread cookbook….kinda. Hehe. I read the main chapter. The rest was recipes. I also started reading a book about business plans, but reading that just made me realize….I don’t want a business, I want a hobby that’ll pay me money. lol. Not sure where that leaves me, but I plan to keep reading next month. I’m going to call this a FAIL.

2. House shopping. To be more quantitative my goal is to see at least one house/apartment a week. During the first week I saw nothing, week 2 I saw 1, and week 3 I saw 6 and week 4 I saw 2. Not completely consistent, but I’ve been doing my homework….I’ll consider this SUCCESS! (Not entirely. I still haven’t found a place, but I’m gaining perspective and I’m getting a better idea of what I’m looking for.)

3. Buy a pizza peel and zester using ONLY Fun Money. My pizza peel and zester arrived last week! I’m very excited to start using them. This is obviously a SUCCESS!

4. Take 1 sewing lesson. Gosh, maybe I’m not meant to learn to sew? Its partly my fault. As soon as my mom whipped out the sewing machine I found tons of things for her to fix….pant hems, taking in pants that were too big, shortening skirts, minor fixes on my costumes. That left no time to actually teach anything. I’m not giving up….but for now its a FAIL.

2 out of 4. Hmm…I suppose I’ve done worse?

That leaves us in July. This is always a strange month. It starts off celebratory with the 4th of July, the following weekend includes my birthday, and then the rest of the month is up for grabs. It’ll be a busy month, but I have a feeling it will be a memorable one. Here are my goals….

July Goals

1. Finish “The Little Prince” once and for all, and start another book. I’m still chugging away at it, just not nearly as fast as I need to. Making it an official goal will give it a bit of priority in my eyes. As for my second book….I’m not sure if I’ll pick up another book from my collection, or try to get my hands on something silly….like….maybe….Twilight? [geez, I can’t believe I put that out on the internet for all to see….]

2. Find a new place to live. I have a feeling this is the month! Moving would be a bonus, but one thing at a time.

3. Get back to exercising. I’ve been focusing on dancing and diet. While I plan on continuing with the dancing, and avoiding really crappy food, I feel I’ve neglected some very important running. I want to get back into the swing of things. Oh, and I plan on signing up for the Thanksgiving 5k.

4. Read for work one evening a week. That’s not nearly enough, but I haven’t been dedicated any “extracurricular” hours to my career since I started at this new department. Once a week is a good starting point, and I plan on expanding on this in the future. It could really help me “advance” (knowledge and understanding, not so much in position right now), and it’ll make me feel like I’m doing more as opposed to just letting things happen.

5. My goals couldn’t be completely without at least ONE money related goal. And yet….I can’t think of any, other than the same old boring “save X amount from fun money” [yawn] Any suggestions? I’m sure I’ll have dozens of ideas once I have a better idea what I’m doing with my living situation, but since I have no clue, for now I’ll leave it open to your ideas….

I hope everyone is looking forward to July! I always think of it as a kick-start for the second half of the year.