Don’t you just love long weekends?

6/26 Deposit $63.00
6/26 License renewal $20.00 ($43.00 left)
6/27 Subway $7.70 ($35.30 left)
6/27 Walmart $11.53 ($23.77 left)
6/28 Subway $5.98 ($17.79 left)
7/1 Moe’s $6.38 ($11.41 left)
7/2 CVS $24.65 (-$13.24 left)

Not so great this week, considering I’m $13 over budget. However part of that included buying some shoe insoles, one pair of which I may end up returning ($9!) I loosened up a bit with the fast food eating, but at least there was no Taco Bell this time! (Gotta celebrate the small victories…) I know, I’ll just blame the fact that I’d forgotten I needed to renew my driver’s license.There, all better. =]

I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend! (Or holiday weekend, if you didn’t get today off.) I have no special 4th of July plans, but my weekend is being filled up with dance rehearsals!! How exciting….just one week before the show! Anyone doing anything particularly exciting tomorrow?