Last Friday I went to see a couple more apartments. The results were….frustrating, really.

I’ve been mostly looking in high-rise buildings, although not completely closed off to the idea of a smaller building. Well, on Friday the first unit we saw was in a smaller building. 3 stories, about 20 units in total, private semi-covered parking below. The unit was… nice! I was expecting a little more of a dump, to be honest. However the kitchen was modern and practically brand new, very much to my taste, with a well-placed island separating the kitchen from the living room. The bathroom was small but impeccable, with nice tile accents. The room was pretty big for an apartment that age, and the whole place was very well decorated (by the current tenant, surprisingly). They will be installing a washer-dryer before move-in. The price was right at my budget, $1,200. The only problem: parking. There were a few parallel spots out front, but with big signs that said “2 hour max”, that particular city is notorious for strict parking regulations, and I didn’t see any other lots nearby. The unit only includes 1 parking spot. This wouldn’t be a problem….if I was single. However, let’s face it, the BF will be visiting often, and 2 hour parking just isn’t going to cut it. Bummer. I really, really, liked the unit.

Generally pleased with the first place we saw (if it hadn’t been for the parking, I would’ve called it a day) we head over to the other building where a realtor was meeting us. The first sign of trouble was when he said “just park wherever you find a spot in the street”. Umm, you mean there’s no guest parking? [sigh] Here we go again.

Well, we got there anyway, and parked a couple of blocks away. The only meters in front of the building were taken. The temperature hadn’t even hit the 90’s yet  (I would imagine), and yet we were drenched with sweat by the time we made it to the lobby. (Nothing to do with the apartment, I just thought I’d share TMI, lol).

The lobby was nice-ish (not like some of the downtown highrises, but still nice). As for the unit….it was ok. The kitchen would’ve been called nice by some, but after seeing the last kitchen, this one paled in comparison (compare cherry wood cabinets, black granite with stainless steel hardware to mahogany (maybe?) wood with same-colored granite and overly ornate hardware. Not as much my taste.). The bathroom was much bigger, almost twice the size, but it had a bidet (I didn’t know they still put those in new buildings!) which isn’t bad per se, but it just made it seem older than it was. This one actually had a balcony, and a pool downstairs with a small gym.

While the 2nd building didn’t have ANY guest parking either (what is it with these developers?!) there were un-metered streets that one could theoretically park on. I wouldn’t park MY car there, but apparently that’s what visitors do.

So, no go on this trip either. Although I found it amusing that the current tenant had a sign in the lobby selling all of her furniture. How funny would it be if I rented the apartment and kept her furniture too….no moving needed! (Well, kinda)

I feel like I’m going in circles with this apartment hunt. Next step is to check a couple of units in the previous area I’d been looking at (closer to work). I’d ruled that area out because of parking issues too, but there were two buildings that may have available guest parking. I hope to see them before the end of the week!

On another note, given the option between renting in a small building with no amenities, versus one with amenties….I’d chose the amenities. Only because I’m not willing to pay a gym membership at the moment, and it’d be nice to have access to a few weight machines, free weights, and treadmills. Otherwise, I kind of liked that small building feel.