Long, long ago I thought it would be a fun idea to set 25 goals for me to accomplish throughout my 25th year of life. Good idea in theory, but when it came down to it I felt so bogged down by work, my personal life, my emotions, and these goals, that I had to let something go….I chose to drop the goals.

I really do think it would’ve been cool to look back at these goals checked off and say “wow, it was a great year! I did so many cool things!”. However things don’t always happen as you think they will. In the big scheme of things it was better for me to forget about most of them, and I don’t really regret it.

Either way, just for the heck of it, I thought I’d review my 25 goals and see how I did one year later!

My 25 Goals for my 25th year:

1. Own a home. Nope, not gonna happen this year!
2. Maintain $0 in consumer debt (I can only have student loans, mortgage, and a car loan). Whoo-hoo! Zero debt! Kinda….I won’t lie, I still have my car and student loans.
3. Buy a car! Done!

4. Be at a healthy BMI (140 lbs, in particular). Nope. I’ve held pretty steady since then, but I’m still pretty far from that 140. I’m not giving up though.
5. Run a 5k all the way through. Nope. I participated in four 5k’s since then, but I have yet to RUN through one all the way. Once again, I’m not giving up on this!

6. Host a dinner party for more than 4 people. Nope. Nowhere to host the party!
7. Bake a cake entirely from scratch….from the batter to the frosting and decorations. Nope.
8. Learn to play a “popular” song on the guitar. I learned an obscure song from my Guitar for Dummies video. lol. I hope to pick the guitar back up later this year.
9. Sew myself a fabulous dress. No sewing yet, but its never too late to learn.
10. Create a recipe book with my favorite family recipes. I collected some recipes, but never compiled them in a book. So no.

11. Wear a dress with a petticoat. No petticoat to wear!
12. Have/go to a beach barbeque. Barbeque yes, beach no.
13. Celebrate an anniversary with the BF (can you believe we never get around to celebrating?!!) I’m embarrassed I skipped this one. My official excuse: we don’t need an arbitrary day to celebrate our relationship. =] (Ok, you can gag now….that was pretty cheesy)
14. Read all the books I own. I’m proud of my efforts, but I did not succeed. I got through 10 of the 17.  
15. Go a week without any TV. I didn’t even try. Oops.
16. Do something “outdoorsy” (canoeing, camping….you get the drift) I’m going hiking in Tennessee later this year. Does that count?
17. Make a date with a pottery wheel. No date, but its on my radar.
18. Take a boat ride along the river. Same thing. Kind of expensive, so I’m holding out until my college friends come down to visit.
19. Visit the local winery for a wine tasting & tour. SO close, but it rained on Valentines Day when we were planning on going.
20. Travel outside of the state again. No, but I’m going to Tennessee later this year though….
21. Go for a run over the causeway. No, but if I move where I think I will it will become infinitely easier.
22. Visit those local art and historical museums we went to as kids! No, but I will eventually!
23. Learn to love my hair. (IOW: find a cut and style that works for me, and learn to maintain it). You know what, I think I made progress with this. I wouldn’t say my hair looks awesome, but I take care of it a little more, and abuse it less. Now that its growing out again I’ve picked up some techniques to make it a little more manageable without beating it up with chemicals and heat. So I’m going to call this a success. (But no, I still haven’t found a stylist I can consistenly go to)
24. Wear a swimsuit in public. (lol. I haven’t done this in at least two years.) And the streak continues. lol. Beach season has only just started in my eyes, so who knows….maybe I’ll accomplish it this summer.
25. Watch the sun rise on the beach. Nope.

Goal #14 – Here’s a list that shows what I read this past year! (Technically I didn’t start until halfway through though)

1. Neuromancer 1/28/09
2. The Westing Game 1/30/09
3. The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl 2/4/09
4. Moby Dick
5. Journey to the Center of the Earth
6. The Tin Princess 3/19/09
7. The Subtle Knife 2/28/09
8. The Amber Spyglass 3/7/09
9. The Little Prince (in French) (Still reading it!)
10. Beloved
11. Six great Sherlock Holmes Stories 2/15/09
12. The Prince
13. Anna Karenina
14. All Quiet on the Western Front
15. The Plague
16. Mansfield Park
17. Rich Like Them 2/24/09

I’ll admit, many of these goals were fairly arbitrary and wouldn’t have had a huge affect on my life if I had accomplished them. Surprisingly, the goal I’m most proud of wasn’t even completed….it was reading all of those books. I enjoyed it so much, it brought back a feeling I hadn’t had in ages. Those who like to read know what I mean. Although I’ve kind of let reading fall by the wayside lately, its something I want to keep up. At least something good came of my quest to complete these silly goals.

Some others I still want to keep on my radar and do….like watching the sunrise on the beach, or hosting a dinner party, and baking a cake. I just don’t need to do it on a timeline. When the opportunity presents itself, it’ll happen.

And yet others, I really need to push myself, otherwise I’ll keep putting it aside for the next year every year….like losing weight, and running (I mean really running!) a 5k.

All of those failed goals weren’t a complete waste. I could just be spewing mumbo-jumbo, but I really think I learned from the exercise….the biggest lesson: just because you make a goal doesn’t mean you HAVE to accomplish it. As the wise Single Ma (from the blog Fabulous Financials) recently wrote about goals:

Some are easy, some are not, and some change. That’s life. The important thing is to keep challenging yourself to be in a better place next year than you are today and allow enough flexibility to enjoy the journey of life

I loved that, and I couldn’t sum it up any better if I tried. (And believe me, I tried.)

Now that I’ll be turning 25, you don’t have to worry about me setting 26 goals to accomplish the following year. I’ve learned my lesson! That’s not to say I may not set a few goals to keep myself in line as I enter the second half of my 20’s [gasp] (holy crap, I never thought I’d still feel so young when I would be this old!!).  More on that some other time though.