Now that I’m 25 (eep!)…….well….that’s it, really. Other than the fact that I can now rent a car without problems, nothing has really changed. (Bummer. I was hoping I’d magically become smarter, or a bit more mature.) Either way, I’m going to pretend there is something special about entering my 26th year of life by setting some goals for myself. You guessed it, there are 6 goals.

1) I’m going to get a bike….and use it!!

I’ve been secretly wanting a bike for a while. Where I’m living now there’s no way I’d ride a bike anywhere, other than in circles around our gated neighborhood. People drive like maniacs, and its not very bicycle friendly at all. However, I’ve been getting tired of having to use my car all the time, and once I move in closer to the center of the city I definitely want to bike a bit more. While people still drive like maniacs, there are places closeby that I could ride to. It’d be good for my health, and even a little better for the environment (and my wallet too….less gas!)

2) RUN a 5k. I mean, really run it this time!

I worked on this a lot last year, and I made some great progress!! I went from barely being able to keep a jogging pace for 30 seconds, to being able to run for 5 minutes. That is HUGE for me! And that was only with some sporadic training. I KNOW I can do this! And I’d like to do it in time to run a race in my college town next Spring with my old roommates! They’re runners, so I have a lot of work to do! I know I can do it!

3) PREPARE myself for a promotion.

A promotion is completely dependent on the economy, so my goal is not the promotion itself. My goal is to completely prepare myself to be promoted. As my former mentor used to say, I need to be the best  at what I’m doing now before I can be promoted to the next level. I will perfect my work product. And lucky me, I have a lot of room to improve. lol. If all goes as planned and I follow this plan, as soon as the economy begins to pick up, and we acquire more clients I want to be at the front of the line for a promotion…..with a nice raise.  😉


If I’m a good candidate, that is. I also want to have the procedure essentially paid off. If all goes according to plan I will just be paying for it through our Flex Spending plan, so I need to make sure I can take the “pay cut” to cover this. Another mini-goal is to get the consultation set up by the end of this month to see if I’m a candidate and how much it will cost.

5) Acquire a new skill.

Whether it be sewing, actually playing the guitar, baking artisan bread….I would like to learn one new thing, but learn it well. In the past I’ve tried to do everything at once, and we all know how that went! So I will focus on just ONE.

6) Do more “touristy” things in my hometown.

This could include visiting the national park, the zoo, museums, a ride along the river, eating in “touristy” places, etc. There are so many things to do, and yet I never get out and do any of it. I’m going to set the goal number at 4. That sounds reasonable to me, but I honestly hope I’ll be able to do way more than that!