This past weekend was the student showcase for my bellydance studio. I’m kind of sad now that it’s over. I feel like I’ve suffered the loss of a dear friend. No more extra rehearsals, no more drilling, no more looking forward to “the big night”.  I understand now what brings all these students to sign up every time these showcases come up, even with the high costs of participating. Since there are two showcases every year, the costs could go even higher.

If someone asked me to decide right now whether or not I’d do it again… I’d probably say YES, which is why I need to remind myself how much this all cost me before making any rash decisions. I almost don’t want to post this, but I must.  😉

Note that I participated in two groups. Had I limited this down to one, the cost would’ve been significantly lower. (About $330 lower)

Choreography #1 Instruction – $130
Choreography #2 Instruction – $130
Costume #1 – $197
Costume #2 – $171
Jewelry #1 – $16
Jewelry #2 – $15
5 tickets for the family: $100

Total Cost: $759

Um, wow!

Now, I’m lucky enough to have a well-sized makeup collection, so I didn’t need to go out and buy anything. However, let’s say I would’ve bought everything I used, brand new…..

Eye shadow quad compact (neutrals) $18
Black shadow $7
Liquid Liner $10
Lipstick $13
Blush $10
Mascara $15
Glitter $16
Foundation $14
Makeup Total: $103

Grand Total: $862

Not to say I’d place a value on my experience for the past 3 months, but damn that’s a lot of money!!  If I had been told it would cost me close to $900 in the beginning, chances are I would’ve said no. I’m glad I didn’t though. If given the chance I definitely want to do this again, but next time I’ll be a little bit smarter about how many choreographies I do and I probably won’t treat everyone to tickets (sorry!).