I haven’t gone into much detail until now, but a couple of my old friends from college have been wanting to plan a reunion for a while….and we’re finally doing it!!!

I officially have my flight booked for Labor Day weekend! I’ll be taking two days off work, and the plan is to fly to one city where I will be meeting a friend and then we will be driving to another city….to meet our other friend!! I can’t wait! I haven’t seen one of them in over 3 years, and the other in about 2.5 years. Time flies, doesn’t it?! This is my first time this year taking real days off and flying somewhere (the last time I flew was mostly business, and that was a year ago). The best part is my expenses will only be the flight, plus some gas money, and food since I will be staying with friends. I bought the ticket the other night for $160, so my goal is going to be to stay under $300 for those days. (Which gives me about $28 a day. I could totally do that, right?)