I, um….didn’t do quite as well this past week. In fact, even right after I knew I’d gone over my spending limit….well, I just kept on spending. Oh well, it was an eventful weekend. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

7/10 Deposit $63.00
7/10 Earrings (dance) $16.00 ($47.00 left)
7/10 Baja Fresh $11.83 ($35.17 left)
7/10 Grocery & Cash $22.67 ($12.50 left)
7/11 Grocery $9.33 ($3.17 left)
7/11 Liquor store $14.97 (-$11.80 left)
7/14 Subway $5.35 (-$17.15 left)

The bad news is that I’m only starting off the next week with $45. The good news is I don’t really have much lined up. There’s a sale going on at the dance studio, while I’m tempted to stop by I know I shouldn’t buy anything. Unless I find some “essentials” at a good price I can’t let myself spend all my money!! I also finally got my $50 from Amex, so I need to stop by the mall to buy some new bras! I’m in serious need of them! lol.

Apart from that, I plan on catching up with my sleep. I still haven’t quite caught up from last weekend, and my work has been suffering all week! Sadly, this is the part of the weekend I’m looking forward to the most!

Have a good one!