I was moody last week. VERY moody. So when the weekend came around I was so excited!! I could sleep in! I could get some things done around the house! I could run errands! I could….go shopping!!! Somehow most of the gloom lost its hold on me, and I was able to have a little fun.

Unfortunately,  I was still emotional when I went shopping on Saturday. Not emotional in a bad way that would make me that I spend hundreds to feel better, but emotional in the sense that I suddenly felt everything was going my way and in my happiness I walked out with a few purchases I hadn’t planned. =]

I’ll start with the whole point of my going to the mall to begin with. I’d recently received my $50 reward card from Amex (from paying my car downpayment….yay!) and I knew what I would be using it on: bras. Instead of testing my luck at Macy’s like I normally do I came up with a brilliant idea….I remembered I had a GREAT fitting bra I bought once at Dillards (on sale because it was a bright teal color). I’m not sure why it hadn’t occured to me before, but I decided this should be my go-to bra, and I’m so glad I did. Unfortunately they don’t have a lot of sales at Dillards (unless you’re looking for brightly colored bras….which I wasn’t), so I paid full price. I got two, which at $34 meant I still had to pay about $23 myself. (For those who hate spilling out of demis, or flimsy bras, Modern Movement makes awesome t-shirt bras!!)

Then I did my usual rounds: Macy’s shoe clearance racks, a quick browse through their regular inventory, quick glance at the handbags, then onto Ann Taylor Loft, The Limited, Nine West, then Payless. That’s typically my route, not necessarily in that order. On Saturday the only other things on my radar was a light casual dress (on the cheap) and some sandals, preferrably slip on and in white, tan, or gold/bronze. I got through all of the stores without any damage….until Nine West. So many cute shoes! So many options! All calling my name! And nearly all on sale!! What’s a girl to do?

This girl decided to try on the most sensible shoes I could find (afterall I was looking for flat sandals). They weren’t sandals, but they were flat. I’m not sure how I reasoned myself into thinking it was ok.


(Kinda like these, but lower heel and less of a “peep toe”)

Of course, being the good sales people they are, they brought out 2 other pairs of shoes. I ended up not liking the flats I tried on (too sensible), and she happened to bring out these:


Not typically my style, but I really liked them….except they made my legs look like stumps. Remembering Kasmira‘s advice on a neutral shoe elongating your lines, I crossed my fingers and asked if they came in any other colors. I was in luck!!! I fell in love with these babies:


The best part, only $29.99!! They really surprised me, since I’d normally go for a crazier style….like these:


Unfortunately for me they were still about $80. I think they’re hot, nonetheless.

I stopped myself at that, but on the way out I noticed the cutest boots! They had them in tan (as seen below), but the ones I thought were really cute were blue! I couldn’t find a picture to share. Apparently they don’t come out until next month and are priced at $100. A little steep for me.


I always round out my shoe-shopping with a stop by Payless, where I stop by quickly just to be sure they didn’t have anything twice as adorable as my recent buy and at half the price. I already felt slightly guilty that I bought heels instead of the flat sandals I went in looking for, but since I had a 25% off birthday coupon they came out to $25. Can’t complain much there. I ended up seeing a couple of sandals, and right as I was leaving empty handed I spotted something interesting in the sale section….


Flats? White? On Sale? YES!

I tried them on, they were really comfortable, and different from the typical gladiator (which I find to be awkward looking on my legs). Best of all $15!!

So, I um, overspent a little over the weekend….but I’m not completely mad at myself. They’re purchases I’ll be using and I got good prices, besides, I had a little extra money set aside for “accidents” such as these! hehe. Just don’t count on seeing me at the mall again anytime soon!