Not too bad this week…which is nice, since I had two not-so-great weeks before that.

Starting Balance -$4.97
7/24 Deposit $63.00 ($58.03 left)
7/25 Coldstone $10.46 ($47.57 left)
7/25 TacoBell $2.79 ($44.78 left)
7/28 McDonalds $2.12 ($42.66 left)

I keep forgetting how expensive Coldstone is. $10 for two ice creams? Geez….I intended to use a coupon (buy one get one free), but when we showed up I realized they were for the wrong location. Oops! We were already there, and I was treating a friend. She offered to pay, but I’d been meaning to treat her out to lunch, so the least I could do was ice cream.  (Oh, and those were the small size. The BF and I split ours.)

I’ve been living off of the Lean Cuisine’s I bought last week. Exactly what I didn’t want to do. Oh well, I guess food is for eating, isn’t it?  

Last night I decided I had to stop by the “top contender” again, just to see it with lights (we couldn’t turn on the lights the previous time, and it was kinda cloudy out), so at 9pm when I got out of dance class I called my aunt/agent to get me into the unit. I drove down with my mom, and she met us there. She ended up bringing my dad along to check the place out as well. Overall they were very positive about the place (which is surprising from my parents). Its grown on me, and its actually the first unit I’ve seen that has pretty much everything I’m looking for.

When we got home I filled out a rental application, and my aunt is submitting the offer this morning. If accepted, I’ll be moving in on the 15th. Time to declutter and start looking at furniture!!

Cross your fingers for me!

Of course, if I do get approved, it probably means this will be my last weekly recap as we’ve come to know it. Once I move out the structure I currently use for my budget won’t exactly work, and neither will my weekly allowance. We’ll see what happens. =]