This budgeting thing is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I finally decided I wanted to use PearBudget to track my new budget, and after a couple of hours (pfft….they say it takes 20 minutes) of working to fill it out (I suppose that’s my fault though….for not having my numbers ready) I finally settled on a breakdown. I’ve got my regular, irregular, and variable budgets set up. Easy enough.

That is, until I started plugging in “experimental data” to see how it would handle throughout the month. That’s when I realized my monthly budget can’t be covered by just 4 paychecks a month!!

You see, in the past I didn’t have very many monthly bills. I get paid weekly, and I evenly distributed everything throughout the year. But if I do that with this budget, its going to appear as if I’m overbudget most of the year (since most months have 4 paychecks, and not 4.333 as my numbers show). I tried adjusting the numbers so that I could still cover it 4 checks, but the result was my savings were wiped out. Completely.

Does anyone else have this problem?

I guess what would end up happening is during those 5-paycheck months I could simply transfer that last check to savings in its entirety? But that would mean I can’t really save for travel in the meantime….and the next 5-paycheck month isn’t until October!

I dunno….this whole “budgeting” thing isn’t all its cracked up to be. Why couldn’t I just keep my old budget?!!

I’m gonna have to do more research and peek at more of your budgets again. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas for me?