Wow, this was one of my most useless months ever. Lol. Meaning, I didn’t get much of anything done. It was full of ups and downs, but really, that’s how July’s have always been now that I think about it.

I’m excited to welcome in August, but before I do that, I suppose I should review how I did (or didn’t do) on my goals…

July Goals

1. Finish “The Little Prince” once and for all, and start another book. I finally finished it!! I went 3 weeks or so without reading a thing, but then I sat down the weekend before last and read it all. A very sweet book, but I can tell my french isn’t great therefore I missed the “essence” of it, I think. I eventually want to read it again in English. (To all the francophones out there, sorry! hehe). That same day I started reading “The Lovely Bones”, thanks to a commentor that encouraged I start it right away. The only reason I put it down is because I need to work every once in a while. Needless to say, I’m enthralled. This was definitely a  SUCCESS.

2. Find a new place to live. I put in an offer for the “top contender”. They accepted it, but now they just came back saying they “forgot” the water bill isn’t included. I don’t foresee it being a huge issue, but out of principal (the listing VERY clearly said it was included) but we’ll see what adjustments they can make. No verdict on this one for now. I don’t want to jinx anything.

3. Get back to exercising. Nothing. Zip. I enjoy my sleep too much to wake up early! (Solution: go to sleep earlier) FAIL.

4. Read for work one evening a week. I might’ve read once or twice. This was a big fat FAIL. The only progress I made was taking out some old textbooks from my parents bookshelf. Unfortunately they ended up being less useful than I thought they would be at the beginning of the month.

5. I never quite came up with a formal “money” goal, so can I really call it a fail? Yeah, I guess so, lol….

Hm, 1 out of 5. Definitely not good.

August Goals

1. Draft a new budget. Assuming I’m moving on the 15th I’ll definitely need a new one. Besides, I’m tired of making “hypothetical budgets”.

2. Keep a good record of any moving expenses. Again, assuming I’ve moved. For now it is all being taken out of the “emergency fund” (which will soon be merged with the Downpayment fund). However my first savings goal will be to repay myself that money.

3. Be able to complete Week 4 of the Couch to 5k program. This should be on my “fitness/health” blog, but considering that thing is gathering dust, I’ll keep it here until I start it up again. We’ll see how this works out with all the dance classes I’ll be taking this month. =[ It’ll definitely be a push.

4. Major decluttering. This one’s a little difficult to quantify, but I MUST do some major decluttering. I’m a little scared of all the junk that will resurface as I start cleaning out, really….however I think it will somewhat come naturally. Whatever I feel myself tempted to leave behind is probably because I don’t need it. Goal: bring as much useless crap with me to the new place.

5. Submit passport application. My latest excuse has been not being “ready” to take the picture, or not knowing when my friend was working, so she could hook it up with a photo discount. Well, this WILL get done this month! Hopefully early on in the month.