I am beyond excited.

(For those of you who didn’t know already, I’m a complete nerd, so this may seem dorky to you, lol)

One of my friends and I have talked repeatedly about what we would love to find. A local bar, small, cool, (close by), where we could be “regulars”. Our city is full of fickle people and fickle places. That place has been hard to find. (Particularly when you don’t drink beer….that’s me, or when you like to limit your eating out. Yeah, we don’t always make a ton of sense, lol.)

Out of curiosity, I decided to google my [cross your fingers] new ‘hood, and I ran across the name of a little tavern that is literally right next to the complex. Well, it looks AWESOME! Smallish, typical tavern style, karaoke night one night, Poker nights on another night, live music on weekend nights. Right next door?!! Holy crap, this is too cool! (I told you I was a dork.) As soon as I move, we need to get over there to do some karaoke!!

Hmm, getting my hopes up much?*

Right after that I found another google result: a pottery studio!!! I clicked on it, nearly faint from my excitement and then…. I realized it was in New York. I’m not. Oh well. You can’t win them all. lol.


P.S. *I wrote this earlier when I wasn’t sure if they would accept my offer or not. However, they cashed my deposit check today. I guess that means I’m on the hook? If so, the only thing between me and my own apartment is signing the lease and getting a money order for $2,875!