I realized last weekend that I’ve been caught unprepared with the prospect of moving out so soon. (I signed the lease Monday. I move August 15th! Eeek!) Back when I was first looking to buy a place I had started a “catalog” of sorts with decorating ideas, furniture I liked, wall colors….but I’m not sure what’s happened since then. I guess with the thought of renting its pretty possible I’ll be moving again in just a year (depending on money, how I like the commute, or if renewal isn’t an option) and so I don’t want to burden myself with lots of expensive furniture. So now I’m shifting gears a bit regarding my “new furniture only/only the best” policy….

You can probably look forward to a series of posts about furniture in the future, as the move gets closer, or after I move, as I can properly assess my needs. (Oh, and wants, hehe).

First on the list, is deciding what I’m going to keep from the furniture I have. Luckily (or unluckily?) I don’t have much. I have a bed, a piano bench, a nightstand, a 5-drawer chest, a small desk, and a small bookshelf.

One thing I know, I’ll need a new bed. I’ve been sleeping on a twin bed since I graduated 3 years ago. I’m 25! Time for an upgrade (although full or queen I don’t know….measurement-wise they’re not that far off, aside from the length). More on beds another time though.

As for the rest of the stuff, the piano bench is coming with me, it has a lot of sentimental value. The desk is a tiny $40 Walmart desk which will probably be staying at my parents house, a small nightstand which will probably also stay (its pretty dated and not my style anymore), a $20 Walmart bookshelf  which probably wouldn’t even make it through the move since it was so cheap, so that’s also staying. The only thing I’m really thinking about taking is the 5-drawer chest. I had originally planned on leaving it since its pretty old-fashioned, hard to move, and the wood finish wouldn’t match the aesthetic I’m going for (I’ve become partial to walnut finishes). BUT….furniture is expensive. Maybe I should save myself a couple hundred dollars?

So, I’ll let you all chime in a bit….here’s a picture. (Ignore the surrounding messes)

pic 003

It was a hand-me-down from my brother-in-law’s grandmother (she gave it to them, they didn’t want it, I was getting rid of my old one). Its kind of overly ornate, but I was thinking maybe I could reform it a bit? For one, the pulls could be replaced with something sleeker or smaller like a simple knob. A dark stain is out of the question, the sanding would take me ages!! And in the end I’m not even sure it would pay off. So I was thinking of sanding it just a little over the surface and then painting it. Black.

Just so you know, this is the type of wood furniture I’ve been looking at. Everything else in the room would be a bit more streamlined since I don’t want it to look too over-the-top ornate. costco_bed(By the way, that set is from Costco. Currently on sale for $1,499.)

What do you think? Would painting it make it look a little more modern? Or would it just look….odd? Should I even bother keeping it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, or pleas to get rid of the chest. lol. (Not really, I’m kind of rooting for it to work out with the paint!) Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments, or use the poll below!