The first week with a new budget.

I’ve decided to continue to do a weekly recap, since I’m going to be diligently tracking my expenses each week anyhow. I just won’t be tracking with a $63 deposit. Oh, how I’m going to miss my “fun money”. Nothing is forever though, so I’m pretty sure even this budget will evolve in time as well.

So, quick breakdown on how I’ll do this for now. Below is each category in which I spent, “amount spent/total budget”. I’ll even list how much is left, if I’m feeling up to the math. Hehe.

Entertainment: $23.89/100 ($76.11 remaining)
8/1 Five Guys $15.79
8/2 Taco Bell $17.29 (my sister paid me back $20, so it evened out, and then some. I didn’t count this in my total because of that.)
8/3 Subway $5.98 (got tired of Lean Cuisines)
8/6 McDonalds $2.12

Dance: $105/130 ($25 remaining)
Belly dance $15 (single class)
Flamenco $45 (3 classes, paid in advance for August)

Household: $10.69/45 ($34.31 remaining) 
8/5 Target $10.69 (yoga ball….wasn’t sure where else to take it from!)

Contribution to Parents: $300/300

Moving Expenses $722.04/undetermined
8/1 Rental Deposit $575.00
8/4 HOA Application Fee $100.00
8/5 Walmart $14.95 (Bath towels and light bulbs)
8/5 Target $32.09 (Dinnerware set)

A weekly recap just wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t ramble on and on about my weekend plans… for the sake of continuity….

I definitely need to make a decision this weekend about where I’ll be getting my mattress from, as well as check out bedding. I got some towels at Walmart, but I’d like to get a couple more of slightly better quality. A bedframe I can wait on, I suppose, but I’d like to visit a few furniture stores to see some things in person. 

I’ve decided to go forward with painting the 5-drawer chest. Whether or not I’ll regret it….we’ll find out. While it doesn’t store as much as it looks it does, its been good to me so far. All it needs is a little face lift. And it sure beats spending $400 on a new one! (Plus I like my stuff to have a little personality, lol.) I want to stop by Home Depot this weekend and see what I can find as far as door pulls and paint (pulls at Target were $17, so that’s one option). I also have a few more things around the house I’ll be painting, so I’ll be looking into that as well.

So my stops for the weekend: Bed Bath and Beyond (to check out glasses and flatware), Crate & Barrel (to look at glasses and appetizer plates? As well as other random stuff), Macy’s (to check out mattresses, beds, and couches), a local furniture chain (beds and couches), and finally Home Depot (light bulb, paint/primer, sandpaper, and door pulls).

And that is all. Have a great weekend!