[Comments in brackets have been added after posting.]

You’d think it would’ve been official to me the day I signed the lease, but my mind doesn’t work that way.  😉 

I finally got an email from the seller’s (renter’s?) agent saying I can have the key’s as soon as Thursday night! Unfortunately I have dance class on Thursday, so I’ve opted for Friday, the day before my lease officially starts. I’ve already scheduled utilities to transfer over to my name on the 15th. I can’t believe I’m moving out!

I still have a lot of shopping to do, but most of the important stuff has been decided on. Here’s my shopping list for the rest of this week:

Sam’s club: mattress (memory foam, $449), Bakeware/pyrex set ($19, 10 pieces plus lids), maybe bedding? (Is $80 too much for a queen-sized coverlet?) [The coverlet turned out to be $60, so I got it. However the pyrex was $29, oops. I’m so excited about my new mattress!]

Tuesday- no shopping. Dance class.

Meeting w/ HOA.
If I have time left afterwards Bed, Bath, and Beyond: Mattress cover ($30?), flatware? ($40) I’ll use my 20% off coupons, of course.

Must have decision made on bed. Order by phone? (For pick up at store) Bed is on backorder, so I’m shopping around some more.
Walk-thru and pick up keys.
Drop off anything I can easily fit in my car trunk (going directly after work).

Pick up keys. Doing this on Thursday.
Clean, vacuum, scrub apartment.
Take detailed measurements for recreating floor plans.
Drop off mattress, start “recovery” period.

Drop off my clothes and other miscellaneous crap at the apartment.
Make a list of random stuff I need.

Ikea: random stuff I need to pick up (i.e. TV stand, side tables, rugs, kitchen stuff…)

Yikes. I’ve got a long week ahead of me!