Nothing ever goes perfectly. I guess its time I face that reality. (I’m not sure why I always think it will…)

I’m a bit annoyed right now due to a couple of things…

1) the bed I wanted to buy is on backorder. It’ll be October before its in, and on top of that our local store has no stockroom, so I have to pay an extra $150 for delivery (the good part is that they would deliver it to my door). Now I’m not sure if I should find a replacement, or if I should order it anyway. (It’s 10% off, so I’d “only” be paying an extra $80 for delivery.) 

2) The “seller’s agent” can’t make it on Friday night for our “walk through”, so I’m going to have to miss my dance class to get the keys on Thursday night. Whatever, I’ll live. It was either that, or lose the chance to get some stuff done Friday night.

On the other side, I feel a lot better now that I have a mattress secured to sleep on, even though it may very well be a couple of months before I get an actual bed. I also have (almost) all of my bedding, and most of the kitchen essentials taken care of. I hadn’t packed a single thing before, until last night. I finally found a large box and decided to pack up all of my shoes, minus what I’ll be using this week. In the process I realized I have A LOT OF SHOES. I feel as though I should get rid of some, but I’m so attached! Even if they aren’t all that comfortable, I can’t bear to part with any of them. For now, at least. Something I need to work on. I also packed up my handbags (since I use the same one for work every day), and there are a few (very few) I’m going to be parting with. Most difficult to part with will be the handmade ones that my sister helped me with….ones that I made for my 9th and 10th grade band banquets, and for prom. =] But realistically, I have no where to wear them.

I grabbed another box here at work, and I’ll probably grab at least one more before leaving today. I guess its time to start sorting through my life and packing it up in boxes….

Speaking of bumps, we received some very happy news yesterday… of my cousins is pregnant!!! That means two of my cousins will be pregnant at the same time, with due dates only a few months apart. How exciting!

[Latest annoyance: I have to leave work early to meet with some members of the HOA board tomorrow at 6:30 for a “screening” of some sort. Ugh.]