What a weekend. Partly exciting, partly expensive, mostly stressful. I hate moving.

At first I thought it’d be a piece of cake, considering I don’t have much stuff to move. When I decided on a memory foam mattress,  I thought that had resolved my worst problems. Well, maybe it did, but that didn’t mean it was a flawless move. I ended up deciding to take my 5-drawer chest with me, and at the last minute decided I might as well take my nightstand and my cheap-o walmart desk. So I did have furniture to move.

It’s a good thing I took my desk. I ended up changing my mind about the Ikea TV console. My sister convinced me I shouldn’t have the TV at an angle to the couch….nonsense. But either way she got me thinking about using a corner console (I didn’t like the other options). So, not wanting to spend $200 on one, I thought of using my bean-shaped walmart desk to hold the TV in the living room for now.

I tried hooking up the cable last night. My parents found an unused cable at home, so I took it, plugged it in on both ends, turned on the TV…..and NOTHING. I got 3 fuzzy channels. Much less than I got at my parents house with nothing but a digital converter. Anyone have any tips for me before I call Comcast?

I finally found a couch. At Costco. Beige. Or so I thought…..but when we finally got it into the apartment (I’d recap that, but with only my dad and myself, sister, mom, and aunt….it was kinda stressful, and I’d like to forget about how it almost didn’t fit through the door, and I was scared it’d fall over and take the stair railing with it), next to the light green walls (as left by the landlord) it looks kinda green instead. I’m hoping that with some art on the walls, and a little more color in the room it won’t look as green/beige. Right now it looks really blah.

Yesterday afternoon, after we were done carrying in the couch we were sitting in my new living room, when my aunt noticed it was a little warm. Turns out the AC was only blowing warm air. I was in a bad mood already (stressed out), so I figured I’d wait until later that night and come back to see if it was any better. Bearable enough to spend the night. Predictably, when I got back last night it was worse than before. The A/C was definitely broken, and will definitely not be fixing itself anytime soon. I picked up some clothes, and spent another night at my parent’s house. I’m calling the landlord today. (Should’ve called him yesterday. Ugh.) Hopefully that can be resolved this afternoon and I can actually sleep in my own apartment.

So, I’m almost moved in. My stuff is there, the only thing missing now is me. lol.