I feel like I spent up a storm this weekend. I spent at least a couple hundred dollars, not counting the couch, and yet I still have more stuff to buy. Here’s my latest list:

-Knives. I want to get just two: a chef’s knife (or a santoku), and a paring knife.

-Utensil tray. I’m heading to the dollar store for that. I didn’t buy it on my first trip because I wasn’t sure it’d fit. Now I know it will.

-Dish strainer. Is that what they’re called? Its just one of those racks you put in the sink and wait for your dishes to dry. I have a dishwasher I could hook up (its not at the moment), however if its just me most of the time, I don’t really have enough dishes to make up a load, and yet still have dishes left to eat with. I think I’m better off using the sink.

-Groceries. I suppose I’ll have to eat eventually.

-Bed frame. Need to keep looking around. I’m just glad I’m in no real rush. Beds (nice ones, at least) are expensive!

-Area rug. I want something colorful, but not crazy. I didn’t see anything at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I’ve also gone to two Targets, and neither of them had the one I liked in stock. I’m switching to an online search soon, and I’d like to spend under $200 for a 5×7 rug.

-Runner. I bought one, but the hallway is kinda long. I’m thinking I’ll buy another one in the same pattern. The only reason I’m getting a runner, is because there’s one bathroom, and in order to get to it you need to walk across a beige carpet. It shouldn’t be a problem when it’s just me, but I don’t want to make guests take off their shoes to go to the bathroom!

-Table lamps. One for the living room, on the side table, and one for the master bedroom….I suppose for my nightstand. I want them to be cheap, but not look it. No clue as to the style.

-Dining table. We had a piece of smoky glass that my mom told me I could have. I’ve kept an eye out for any possible bases, but have found nothing yet. I’m realizing it’ll probably be easier and I’ll spend about the same amount of money if I just buy a whole dining set from one of the furniture stores and forget the glass.

-TV console. I’m not entirely convinced with my dorm-style desk/TV console. I’ll keep an eye out for one, but again, I’m in no hurry to replace this one.

-Shoe organizer. I’ve decided to use the hallway closet for my shoes. (Tee-hee.) I supposed I could fit them in the master bedroom closet, but realistically they would take up the whole closet, no longer making it a “walk-in” (I blame the low rods. Why didn’t they install them just a few inches higher?!) I have a temporary solution, but would like something that looks nicer eventually.

-Stand mixer. I really, really want one….like, NOW!

-TV. Ok, this isn’t exactly “ON” the list. But seeing my little old white 19″ with the built-in VHS player (not even a flat screen) sitting on my dorm-style bean shaped desk…..well, I can’t help but want an upgrade. It’s the one thing keeping me from feeling like an adult!! Ok, perhaps that is an exaggeration. The worst part is I want a new TV, but I’m not willing to part with the money. (What, there’s a 32″ on sale for $399 at Costco? Bah….not big enough for me….)

-Painting supplies. I still haven’t painted that wooden side table my mom said I could have, and my sister mentioned she was going to give me her old coffee table. I’ll be painting them black. Oh, did I mentioned I’m no longer going to paint the wardrobe? I got lazy. lol. Besides, it doesn’t look too bad in the larger room, with light walls. (I had dark green walls before.) I still want to replace the pulls, so I can get those when I get the paint stuff.

-Spare keys. I can only lock the deadbolt with a key from the inside, so I’d like a spare key I can keep in the kitchen (so I don’t have to consistenly use my “master set”). I’d also like my parents to keep a set of keys at their house, because you never know….

That is all for now. Let’s hope this list doesn’t keep going, otherwise I’m going to go broke furnishing this apartment!