Or so I think.

I charged up another small fortune this weekend. I’ll be paying it off as soon as the bill comes, of course, but its still not going to be pretty. In fact, I’ve been avoiding updating my spreadsheets, because I know I went WAY OVER the limits I set for myself. A full update will be coming soon, but for now, a quick one…

I bought three big items this weekend*:

1. A bed. The Alto Bed from Z Gallerie. It won’t be delivered until late September, but I’m getting the “white glove service”. They carry it up, assemble, and take the trash with them. $794 Total.

2. Dining Table Set. From a local store. It was discounted to $399 from $600 (because it was a floor model). Pretty good deal. The deciding factor for me was for almost the same price as Walmart (kinda, they had a wood table set for $297) I would get a better quality, upholstered seats, and a granite top. $427 for the table, $65 for delivery, $492 Total.

3. A Stand Mixer!!! Got an “Empire Red” 5 Qt Kitchenaid Artisan Series mixer at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $299, with their 20% coupon it was $240, and they also have the BBB/manufacturer’s rebate deal going on where they give me $40 back (thanks to the reader that suggested that. I forgot who it was!  Calgirlfinance, you just saved me at least $20, possibly $60 if the rebate goes though!) I just need to figure out what form to use. Assuming I get the rebate the total will be $200!!! Even if I only get that 20% discount it’s still a better deal than I would’ve gotten at Macy’s. (They’re also giving a free 12-month subscription to Travel or Food&Wine. Although another fine-print-option is to ask for the refund on that too….which would give me an extra $12. Is the magazine worth it?)

I don’t really want to add all that up on a Monday. The good part is that the stand mixer is coming from my gift fund, so no damage there. Also, with a dining table and a bed now purchased I’m pretty much DONE. Sure, I could continue accessorizing, but I can fully function, and even have guests over as the apartment is right now.

In fact, I’ve already got a stand mixer breaking-in party in the works….Saturday afternoon….my place….lots of cookies!!


* I also bought a few smaller things. Such as an iron, whisk, two santoku knives, a utility knife, the other runner I needed, and a dish rack (to dry my dishes in the sink). Oh, and “Raid”….just in case (I’m terrified of roaches).

Another random update: my landlord was able to locate my garbage bin, and said it would be in front of my garage that day. Well, I got home late and couldn’t put it away. The next evening when I got back….it was gone again! I think a phone call is in order. I’m sure this guy thinks I’m completely useless, lol. But hey, that’s two weeks I can’t take out the trash! (They won’t pick it up if its not in an official bin.) I finally took down my recycling though. The good news is that having no garbage bin forced me to sort out the recyclables….and there were A LOT of things to recycle!