This week has been a series of ups and downs here at work. (What week isn’t, though?) I’ve been meaning to post about my job for some time now, but haven’t quite made the time. The good news is that I’ve been put on another project in addition to the one I’m on now….giving me a chance to kind of prove that I’m not a complete screw up. As I said, more on that some other time.

I have internet in my apartment!! I’m so excited, and can’t wait to start reading my blog feeds (and being able to comment) again! I haven’t been commenting too much for the past few months due to time and internet constraints.

My dining table was delivered on Monday. I wasn’t completely convinced at first, but its growing on me. I think the BF definitely doesn’t like it, but forget him, it’s my apartment! All I need now are some place mats and a vase with fresh flowers. =] (Which, I’ve been trying to hint, would make a great housewarming gift!)

I’m excited about this Saturday. Nothing too big is planned, but I’ve asked my parents, sister/husband, aunt/cousin, a close friend, and the BF to come over to break in my new stand mixer. I definitely want to make my family’s 2 favorite cookie recipes, as well as a few hors d’heuvres. Plus my friend is vegan, so I’d like to make some vegan cookies. I have a lot of recipes to check and make sure I have all the ingredients, and then tomorrow afternoon I’ve got to start mixing! I haven’t even thought about seating….since I have 4 chairs and one smallish couch. Oh well, one thing at a time!

The handyman is finally coming over today. That’s my fault, since I didn’t call him until yesterday! He’s got quite a list of stuff to look at…..the dishwasher, ice maker, the leak in the kitchen sink, leak in the bathroom sink, and the flush valve on the toilet. The BF offered to hang out until he gets there this afternoon since I couldn’t quite take off from work to let him in. Hopefully he can get everything resolved today….at the very least the leaks in the sinks! They’re making me nervous! (And the toilet is quite a nuisance too.)

I went grocery shopping for the first time on Tuesday. $80! And I didn’t even buy stuff for real meals! I kind of expected it, and that’s part of why I kept delaying it. I bought lots of basics that won’t be running out for a while (spices, condiments, etc.), as well as some fruit (plums! Have to remember to eat them!). Oh, and Ben & Jerry’s was BOGO Free. Yum!! (Half baked and Coffee Heath Bar crunch. I know you were wondering. 😉  ) An interesting thing, I found myself so preoccupied with the cost per ounce, that at the check out I kept being surprised by the big prices!! $5 for a tub of mayo?! Crazy! That’s actually a bad example since I’m really particular about my mayo. I don’t care about the price, as long as its the brand I like. For certain things I had to keep reminding myself not to buy too much since I will pretty much only be cooking for one. (Like olive oil. I bought the BIG bottle once since it was cheaper, but I ended up throwing out half of it when it went bad. I got the medium one this time!) A lot of items will be a trial….seeing how much it lasts, or how often I’ll need it, or if I like the flavor. The next grocery trip will be more reasonable price-wise, I’m sure.

One final thing about grocery shopping, I find its a better idea for me to go to the store right across the street from work (if I’m going on a week day). Otherwise there’s no way I’ll want to get out of the car later when I’m so close to home. And once I’m home, forget it. I’m not leaving again. I also have to watch how much I buy so that I can carry it all with me up the stairs in one trip. (That’s just a personal preference. I could  make several trips up the stairs.)

Anyway, enough of the minutae of my life. Have a good Thursday!