My spending has been a mess this week. Once again I’ve been keeping receipts, but I haven’t been writing anything down, which becomes a problem during those few times when you aren’t given receipts.

Once again, food was my biggest problem. Now that I actually have some stuff in the fridge though, I should have no excuses for not being able to pack a lunch. Right, except for the laziness excuse…

Oh, and have I mentioned I ran out of a “moving expense” budget? Yeah….it’ll be fun reconciling (i.e. fudging the numbers) next week.

Entertainment (although its starting to see more like “the eating out budget”): $22.57 this week / $11.87 remaining
8/23 Panera $6.11 (breakfast)
8/24 McDonald’s $5.77
8/25 Baja Fresh $5.34
8/27 Subway $5.35

Clothing: $34.22 this week / $5.78 remaining
8/22 Bed Bath and Beyond $34.22
(Not actually spent on clothing, it was for an iron and whisk. Basically the clothing fund sat unused, and I ran out of moving money.)

Groceries: $78.89 this week / $101.86 remaining
8/25 Groceries $78.89

Gas: $27.20 this week / $100.21 remaining

Moving Expenses: $1,356.17 this week / $900+ over budget
BBB $25.66 (2 Santoku Knives, 1 utility knife)
Walmart $46.45 (runner, dish rack, raid)
Z Gallerie $793.14 (bed)
Local Furniture Store $426.91 (Dining table set)
Table Delivery $65.00

Electric $33.21 this week / $66.79 remaining (billed for 10 days only and no water bill yet)

Income: Ebates +$6.00 (went to complete gift fund)
Gift Fund: Stand Mixer -$256.79
HSBC Interest: $61.37

For the weekend, I have some loose plans. Tonight I plan on baking for the mini-cookie party/stand mixer breaking-in-party. Tomorrow morning I’d like to go out for a walk around the new neighborhood (haven’t had a chance to yet!), and then come back and finish putting stuff away (my clothes is still in disarray). After that (if I have any time left) I’d like to just hang out and maybe catch up on google reader. I doubt that’ll happen. In any event, I can do that on Sunday as well. Back to Saturday night, the tentative plans are also to watch a movie at my apartment….but with my tiny screen and limited seating I’m not entirely sure that’s going to happen. lol.

Since Monday is also the last day of the month I also need to start reviewing my number for the month. It shouldn’t be too hard since I’ve been tracking them weekly. (Good thing! Otherwise I’d be ready to pull out my hair…)

One last thing….I almost forgot I’m traveling next weekend!! I have to add “getting in contact with my friends to see what I need to pack” to my to-do list. Yay for friends and traveling! (Oh, and “remind the boss I’ll be out from Friday to Tuesday” also needs to go on the list.)

That is all.

Have a good one!