August was a big month. I figured a new budget, I finally moved out of my parents house, and had to deal with moving my junk and furnishing the new place. With all of that I didn’t exactly concentrate as much on my goals as I could have.

August Goals

1. Draft a new budget.  I got my budget done, and I consider it a good thing that it’s already looking like I’ve over-budgeted for a few things. I may have also underbudgeted for a few others, but I won’t be completely sure until next month. This is going down as a SUCCESS!

2. Keep a good record of any moving expenses. I did an excellent job of keeping all expenses and logging them in every week. Excellent, I tell you. The only bad part was I was a bit loose with my “budget”. I went about $1,000 over. But still, my goal was to keep a record, and that I did. Another SUCCESS!

3. Be able to complete Week 4 of the Couch to 5k program. OK, so I didn’t even go out for a walk, or do any DVD’s in doors. I’m blaming this on the excitement of moving out. Even so, this is a big FAIL.

4. Major decluttering. I don’t know. While I could just say yes, since I have left some things at my parents house, and I do have a box going with little trinkets and junk for my little cousins (Christmas gifts and/or cookie party giveaways), I don’t believe I got any MAJOR decluttering done. So I’ll call this a FAIL, just to be fair. 

5. Submit passport application. Oh, oops. I forgot about this. Another FAIL.

So maybe I didn’t do as great as I thought. Oh well. I’m still happy with how the month turned out. Like I said, it was a big month.

September is going to be interesting. My first WHOLE month with the new budget, plus I’m kicking it off with a weekend out of town. I’m really excited. I’m trying to keep my goals simple though, because as we can see, when I have lots of things going on it gets harder for me to remember them.

September Goals

1. Survive my trip on less than $100. I actually have $140 in my budget, but it’d like to get back without spending more than $100. We actually don’t have very expensive plans. Some hiking, cooking at my friends place, and maybe a movie and dinner out. However I DO need to pay for part of the gas for the road trip portion (about a 3 hour drive), transportation to and from the airport (about $4), and random meals. That’s where the challenge will be. Not a huge deal if I don’t get this done…..afterall I haven’t seen my friends in a long time, and I don’t want to put a damper on our fun!

2. Save an additional $100. (Not counting unused Roth IRA money of $200, or my automatic savings of $38.29, hehe.) This shouldn’t be too hard, but I want to start small. I only had to worry about 15 days in August, so September could go very different from what I’m expecting.

3. Apply for passport. I can’t keep delaying this! I’ll check out if there are any places close to my apartment, otherwise I’m heading over to my parents area the next Saturday morning I’m available. I’m getting tired of having this on my to do list, so tired that I’m willing to pay the $9 for the photos instead of having my friend do them for cheaper. (But we’ll see. I am kinda cheap, when it comes down to it.)

4. Workout 3 times a week. That’s a pretty low goal considering I used to run 3 times a week, and do DVD workouts twice a week. But I’m so out of it, I feel I need to start small. Plus I can’t forget about that 5k on Thanksgiving!! I need to sign up!

I’ll leave it at that. Like I said, I don’t want to overload myself. Of course, I’m still going to make an effort to declutter a bit more, and slowly empty out my bedroom in my parents house.

For some reason September always excites me. Back in the day I thought of it as the beginning of the year…..and now 3 years after I’m out of school it still feels that way. Maybe it’s because it means Autumn is on its way! Besides, I’m more than happy to leave August behind. It was plenty stressful, but I’m ready to move on!