I was hanging out at Costco with the family this past weekend (what, you guys don’t go to Costco for fun?) and of course we had to stop by the furniture section. I had already bought a couch at Costco, and after Saturday’s little breaking-in-of-the-stand-mixer party, we were all well aware that I could do with a few more seats around the apartment.

My sister was the first to see it. My couch. On sale. The horror!

I had previously purchased the couch for $499, what I thought was a good price. However, just two weeks later they have lowered it down to $350!! I was outraged for a bit (I HATE it when that happens!) until my sister pointed out that she’d gotten plenty of price adjustments at Costco in the past. Unfortunately I didn’t have my receipt with me, and on top of that I had bought it with my dad’s membership card and he was currently 2 hours away. So much for that.

Instead we returned yesterday evening. I went, prepared for a good fight ($150! It’s worth a fight, even for the confrontation avoiding me), but instead was greeted with a smile and within 10 minutes I was handed $160 in cash.


So yes, had I bought any other couch I would’ve still been out $500 (or likely more), but instead my couch just saved me $160!

Now what to do with the money…save it and replenish my emergency fund (afterall, I did go almost $1,000 over budget), OR should I buy an armchair with it?!!

I know, I know. I’ll save it….for now.  😉