I often find I ignore very important details until the last minute. Such as, say….paying rent? Granted, I still have 2 weeks left to figure this out, but I should’ve looked into it from the beginning.

You see, I automatically assumed that I could just transfer money over to my landlord’s account. Easy, right? Well, turns out with my bank (BOA) that is not the case. Not for free, at least. If he had an account in the same bank it would be. (Would be it be too unreasonable for me to ask him to change accounts?) Instead it’ll set me back $3 a month. Not huge, I guess, but still…..I’m paying money to give my money away?! It just doesn’t seem right.

Their other option (part of the bill pay feature) just asked for a name and address. I’m not sure exactly what they do with that afterwards, but it seems to be free. I still feel a bit weird giving them my money when that’s the only information I have (do they send him a check for me? Weird…)

He lives out of state, so I’d rather not send a check in the mail. Anyone have suggestions for me?

How do you pay your rent? By check/mail? Online? Anyone use BOA to transfer money to others?