Who knew moving would be so expensive?!!

Ok, so maybe everyone already knows that. But still, it took me experiencing it first hand to realize how much money left my hands this past month.

A few things to keep in mind though, which may have led to drastically different conclusions from the average person moving:
1) I didn’t have much to move, so I didn’t have to hire movers, or go through as much stress as someone who has more stuff would’ve gone through

2) I didn’t have to evacuate my prior living space by a deadline. It’s my parents house. In fact, I still have a good amount of my stuff there now. (All junk.)

3) I had next to no furniture (unless you count a nightstand, a chest, and a TV as a lot of furniture), and practically none of the things I needed to live on my own (i.e. kitchen and bathroom stuff). On the one hand that made it slightly easier to move, but it also meant I had to buy a lot of stuff.

So, here were my expenses:

Rental Deposit $2,300
HOA Application $100
Target $32.09 (Dishes, 16-pc)
Walmart $14.95 (3 CFL’s, 2 Bath Towels, 1 Kitchen Towel)
Crate & Barrel $21.40 (8 glasses)
Sam’s Club $33.47 (Mixing Bowls, 2 hand towels, 2 wash cloths)
Costco $9.63 (Kitchen anti-fatigue floor mat)
Sam’s Club $641.08 (Mattress, coverlet, sheets, and pyrex set)
Bed, Bath, and Beyond $25.67 (20-pc flatware)
Pottery Barn $25.00 (Blue/White porcelain plates)
Macy’s $74.88 (12-piece cookware and preparation bowls)
Costco $32.09 (Mattress cover)
Costco $559.26 $398.74(Couch and laundry detergent, price for the couch went down recently!)
Sam’s Club $40.15 (Swiffer kit, bath rugs, pillows)
Walmart $69.72 (lamps, water filters, runner, cutting board, pot holders)
Z Gallerie $793.14 (bed w/ delivery)
Bed, Bath, and Beyond $25.66 (2 santoku knives, 1 utility knife)
Walmart $46.45 (runner, dish rack, raid)
Furniture store $491.91 (Dining table set and delivery)

Total: $5,326.92 $5,166.40 (or $984.09 $823.57 over budget)

With the exception of a few items I took out from my regular monthly budget, with $5,000 I was able to move in and furnish my own apartment. Not too bad if you ask me!

The whole purchasing process was full of internal conflict for me. The whole time I knew I wanted something well priced, reasonable, I definitely don’t need super expensive things in my place. But at the same time I didn’t want to feel like I was furnishing a college dorm with disposable things everywhere. I want my things to last me a while, not just during the time I’m staying in this particular place. The whole time I was pushing and pulling from either side. I’d have to say I’m happy with how things turned out though. I ended up with many quality items that are basic, and just enough for my neeeds. While I have way more stuff than I technically “need”, I’m not living in excess either.

The next time I have to move I’ll be doing things a little differently. For one,  I’ll be hiring movers. I felt guilty every time I needed to borrow someone’s car because something didn’t fit in mine, and every time that my dad or BIL had to carry something heavy up the stairs. I just hate having to ask people for favors in general. I know it will be expensive, but I think hiring movers (or at least renting one big truck for everything) would make things go a bit more smoothly. Plus, I now have a lot more things to move. Including real (i.e. big) furniture.  

All in all, I didn’t find the actual process very different from preparing to move into a new dorm. Minus the excitement of starting school. (And more money to shop with.) After I was done I just went back to work, and no one even knew anything happened during my weekend. (Have I mentioned I really miss college? Minus the part where I had next to no money, of course.)

And so begins the next stage of my life….living on my own (for reals this time)! Finally!