I actually don’t think I spent that much this week. Most of the spending I did was in relation to the small gathering I hosted on Saturday for my close family. At the last minute I had to go buy supplies to make some vegan cookies, and they weren’t cheap, and I also realized I needed a few things I thought I could hold off on buying (such as a scoop for cookie dough, a spatula, and a bread knife). I only had one Bed Bath and Beyond coupon, but I think they do adjustments, so I’ll be back in the store with a coupon as soon as I get a chance.

As far as this recap goes, I’m at a loss for how to present totals without confusing myself and everyone else. Obviously this past week included August as well as September, so totals would be misleading. Anyway, here it is as best as I can figure it out right now.

Entertainment – $4.00 August / $2.14 September
8/24 ATM Fees $4.00 (from when I took out money to pay the movers. I took it from my August Entertainment budget because I originally forgot about it, when I remembered I’d already tallied up the rest of my moving expenses!)
9/1 McDonalds $2.14
Groceries – $91.68 August
8/28 Groceries $42.30 (last minute stuff for Saturday)
8/29 $10.41 (Whole Foods – stuff for Saturday)
8/29 $38.97 (last minute kitchen/baking items, I put them in here because my household budget ran out. =[  )

 Gas – $25.67 August

Car – $229.50 Automatic payment

I’ll be posting my monthly spending totals soon, so I’ve opted to keep them out of the recap for now. I really think I did well though. Even though going over my moving budget by $900+ is pretty bad, it could’ve been a lot worse. I’ve shown a lot of restraint, even though it may not seem like it. (Trust me, when you’re looking at gorgeous furniture it’s easy to tell yourself “well….I DO have a nice chunk of change in the bank. I could theoretically spend my $8,000 emergency fund and no one would notice….” Sadly, knowing that I’d eventually come back on here and recap the money I had spent helped me control myself a bit. It’d be hard to explain to you guys how my emergency fund magically disappeared.)

Onto more important matters…..its Friday! As you read this I’ll officially be on vacation!! It’s only for a few days, but I’ve taken off today (Friday) as well as Tuesday….making for a nice 5 day weekend! Yay! I’m flying to one of my friend’s hometown, and then we’re driving over to spend the weekend with another friend in her hometown. Our adventures are set to include some girly movies, cooking, gossiping, hiking, museuming, and fireworks. I’m really excited! And of course I’ve set a budget for myself, I have $140 to spend as I please, however I’m going to try and get by on $100. The big twist? I have it in cash. (I NEVER have cash, especially not that much!) I figure it’d be easier for me to figure out when I’m done spending (that would be when I run out of money, lol), without having to worry about math. Although I’ll really have to track receipts since I won’t have the CC bill later on to refer back to.

As you read this, I should already be on the plane. Actually, I’m landing at 10am, so its quite possible I’m already driving off with my friend.

I wish everyone a fun Labor Day Weekend!