Ahhh, I just love the fall*! There’s just something so wonderful about it…..perhaps I’m conditioned since the new school year starts in the fall, perhaps its the prospect of cooler weather, or because I can now eat pumpkin without getting strange looks from everyone….either way, I LOVE the Fall! Unfortunately, fall is also my favorite season….fashion-wise, so I’ve got shopping in my head these days, and there are way too many stores calling my name.

Anyway, I’ve decided there’s no better way to get this out of my system than…..MAKING A LIST! (No, I’m not going “all out” with the shopping just yet. Afterall, I have a budget to follow!)

Fall dress. Background: my sister went to the mall this weekend and came back with some dresses from forever 21. Usually I’ll shun the place due to the quality and trendiness of the clothes, but she brought back this really cute grey dress that I’m dying to try on! Unfortunately she’s a lot smaller than me so I can’t borrow it. I’m going to the mall ASAP to find one in my size to try on!64291030-07

(I found this picture after writing the post, and it appears the dress may be a bit short for me, lol. I still want to try it on though.)

Fall shoes. Ever since I went to Nine West to get my beige shoes I’ve been secretly wanting a certain pair of suede flat boots. [sigh]


No clue if these will fit my calves, but I think my fall splurge is going to be a pair of flat boots! (Synge boots from Nine West)

Tights. Once again, I’ve got tights fever. I grew my collection considerably last fall, but I don’t think its quite complete. Besides, I snagged my adorable pair of fuschia tights, so its time for a new pair.

Vase. I SO want fresh flowers for my apartment, but I haven’t had the time to go out in search for a vase. There’s one that seems to be abandoned in the office (actually, there are about 5 of them, but I only like 1), but I feel odd asking if I can keep it. We’ll see if I muster the confidence to ask our office manager who it belongs to and if I can take it.

Pendant lamp. The hanging lamp in the dining room is ok, I guess, but it’d be so much nicer if I can get one that goes with my taste and decor. The BIL has already offered to install it for me, but I haven’t exactly wanted to shell over much money for one.

Place mats. I’d like to dress up my dining table, and I’ll need some placemats to do so. I saw some at Whole Foods I liked, but I have a feeling they cost more than I’m willing to pay right now.

Napkins. I actually don’t have any kind of napkins right now, only paper towels. That’s besides the point though, I want cloth napkins! Nice ones! (Not necessarily expensive though.) We’ll see what the budget can afford me though, lol.

Zizi plant. I fell in love with that plant ever since I saw it at my cousins house. The best part: they’re nearly maintenance free! I just have to get out there and find one!

Road ID. I went out for a run on Saturday and Sunday, and while I didn’t feel in danger at any point, I’d feel better with a RoadID. If I ever passed out, tripped, or got hit, they’d have a hard time identifying me since I don’t carry anything with me.

Scale. I left my old scale at my parents house. I know that if I ask them if they want it they’ll tell me to take it with me, but I don’t want to take it with me if they’re using it! (And they wouldn’t tell me if they were.) Truthfully, I’d like a fancy new scale, but at the same time I don’t want them to be stuck with an old scale if they don’t want it.

Food scale. Yay! More kitchen gadgets! This would be nice in the event I start taking my breadmaking seriously….but for now I haven’t even made pizza dough!

It definitely helps that I have a budget limiting me….otherwise I’d want to go out right now and get everything on my list…followed by a bit more shoe and/or fall clothes shopping. Instead, perhaps I’ll just stay home and make some pumpkin desserts? Yum. I’ll take it!

*No, it’s not fall yet, and it’ll probably be another 3 months before the temps get below 85 here, but a girl can dream….right?