You all probably thought you were finally safe from more dancing posts….but alas, the choreography schedules have been released!

After the big performance in July, I told myself I was only allow to do one choreography this time. And that’s what I’m trying to do. However…as I also predicted, it isn’t as easy to just choose one! Maybe it’s because I’m still kind of inexperienced with predicting which classes are worth it, or because I make things a bigger deal than they should….either way, I’m struggling here. To recap, each course is 8 weeks, and is $130 (same price as if I just took regular classes 8 weeks). After 4 weeks I decide if I want to perform or not, and if I do I have to buy a costume which could cost anywhere from $160-$200.

So, here’s my dilemma. First I’ll lay out the facts, then my thoughts:

  • I’ve been taking the regular advanced classes with one of my favorite instructors. The class is ongoing, even while everyone else will be in “choreography mode”
  • That same instructor will start teaching a Technique class later this month, which is also ongoing.
  • I am considering two choreography courses: a drum solo (actually a group performance though) and one with a new instructor I’ve never danced with, song unknown.

So, thoughts:

  • I really want to keep attending either the advanced class or the technique class. I think it’d make me a stronger dancer. HOWEVER, it’s not the same to learn technique than to learn a choreography. I feel I grew a lot as a dancer when I performed the last time, and I’d like a similar experience again.
  • I think it’d be good for me to learn the drum solo. (FYI, pro dancers usually improvise these, not choreograph) Lots of technique, and the instructor is notorious for tough drum solos. Plus, they’re making it an “advanced” level course. I’m more interested in this for the challenge. However, its ALWAYS the first class to fill up. That means it will be packed with 25 girls. And if its anything like the last “advanced” choreography class I saw, they’ll all be killing for attention.
  • The other class (let’s call it the “2nd choreography”), well, I’d like to listen to the music (which I’ll be able to do on Friday) before deciding. I’ve seen the instructor dance, and she really has a beautiful style. If she puts any of that into the choreography it would be great. However, if its like one of the other choreographies I did (nothing wrong with it, it just didn’t inspire me), then I don’t think I should do it.

In my mind, my options are:

  1.  Take the 2nd choreography class, plan to perform, and if there’s any extra money take additional advanced and technique classes along the way.
  2. Take the 2nd choreography class, perform, take drum solo not planning to perform. No extra classes.
  3. If I don’t like the song selected for that 2nd choreography, then I’ll just do the drum solo, and decide if its worth performing later. Take extra classes along the way.
  4. Take both classes, perform both. Figure out where to squeeze the money from later. (Yeah….that’s probably a bad idea….)

Any advice?