Did anyone else notice I forgot to do the Week 2 recap last week? No? Oh well, I didn’t either….until Monday came around.

This may have been because I was out for most of the days, so the money I spent came from my vacation budget. However, I did spend on few things, so I’m recapping them this week, along with week 3. (Where is September going in such a rush?!)

Rent: $1150/1150

Entertainment: $35.48 this week / $62.38 remaining
9/9 Subway $5.98
9/12 Parking at Museums $5.00
9/16 Target (snack) $1.25
9/16 Race registration $23.25 (I registered for the Thanksgiving 5k!)

Clothing: $20.48 this week/ $19.52 remaining
9/15 Road id $20.48

Household/Personal: $29.59 this week / $15.41 remaining
9/10 Bank fees (rent payment) $3.00
9/16 CVS $26.59 (hair products and some chocolate)

Groceries: $40.68 this week / $159.32 remaining
9/11 $13.56
9/13 $21.27
9/14 $5.85

Gas/Tolls: $35.20 this week / $164.80 remaining
9/11 Gas $25.20
9/13 Toll pass refill $10.00

Cellphone: $49.15/50.00

Student Loan: $167.25/167.25

As for the weekend, I kinda wanted to go shopping, but after seeing the recap I’m glad I wasn’t set on it. I have $15.41 left in my household budget…maybe I can still get placemats? lol. We’ll see. I’m better off going to BBB to try and get those price adjustments. That could possibly get me an extra few bucks to spend on the house. My clothing budget is down to $19.52. No regrets though….the dress will have to wait, and I’m really excited about getting my Road ID (since I’m now practically running in the street, not a gated community as I was before).

My sister should also be closing on her house tonight…..we’re crossing our fingers it’ll go through. (I’ll have to make their home-buying story a later post. Its quite amusing….just not for them.) If so, that means we’ll finally be helping them move this weekend.

That’s as far as my weekend plans go: clean up the apartment, and help my sister move….oh, and the passport, of course. Gotta remember to get up early on Saturday for that!