I really liked having my To Do list on here and being able to check things off throughout the week. I hope you all don’t mind if I do it again this week!


* = top priority!

At home:
*-Clear off dining room table (& recycle junk mail)
*-Organize pantry
-Vacuum carpets
-Sweep/swiffer floors
-Watch “The Changeling” (Netflix, borrowed from sister)
-Watch Season 1, Disc 1 and 2 of Mad Men

Online or phone:
*-Call for renter’s insurance quotes
-Research other Lasik centers in the area
-Call handyman (still no ice maker or dishwasher)
-Call Toyota to see if I can pay extra without affecting my monthly payment
-Research ideas for music playback for apartment….one laptop is not enough! (CD/Alarm clock in bedroom, or something like that?) Not for now. Outta money in the budget!

-Take clothes to drycleaner or figure out if I really need to dryclean
-Get an oil change. (Saturday?)
-Submit passport application (Saturday?)
-Pick up the following from parents house:  makeup drawers, set of plastic drawers, coffee table

Events this week:
-Wednesday: Whole Foods event (Iron chef style!) It was so cool! Can’t wait ’til the next one…
-Saturday: Possible gathering with a friend?
-Saturday: Zoo for free? (Probably will scrap this one)
-Sunday: Spectator duty at a friend’s race