I stopped doing Net Worth updates for a long time. It was just so depressing watching my 401K and Roth dip down like that. However, my retirement accounts are finally out of the red. That’s always nice. Besides, with all the spending I’ve been doing it’ll be good to know where I stand.

 I made a few changes this time. The last time I did this, I don’t think I posted, but I included the resale value of my car (about $17k right now). This time I’ve decided not to.



 July ’09

Sept ’09

Car Loan  $12,070.00  $11,771.28
Student Loan  $27,954.76  $27,639.98
CC1  $           –    $           –  
CC2  $           –    $           –  
Total Debt  $40,024.76  $39,411.26
Debt % Change



Checking  $  2,100.00  $  1,930.52
Savings  $     400.00  $     623.12
DP Fund  $36,000.00  $36,000.00
E Fund  $15,000.00  $  8,861.65
Roth IRA  $  3,079.51  $  5,347.20
401K  $  7,653.53  $  7,978.08
Total Assets  $64,233.04  $60,740.57
Asset % Change



Net Worth  $24,208.28  $21,329.31
Total % Change



 No surprises here, but my net worth went down. In August I put $2,300 down as a security deposit for the apartment, and I also got about $2,000 worth of furniture and stuff for the move as well.  

Either way, it’s still nice to look at that “total assets” item and realize that I have $60k in assets!! Not nearly enough for me to lay back and relax (I’m way behind where I “should” be at 25), but still nice.

Before I go, I’m going to share with you a graph of how my Roth IRA has grown these days! (By far, my favorite feature of T.Rowe Price, hehe.)


You see all that green?!