I honestly don’t remember much of this week. It’s been a blur. All I remember is I went shopping at HomeGoods last weekend, against my better judgement. While I don’t think I bought anything too hastily, I do feel a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to keep myself out of there. More on HomeGoods later….all I can say is I can’t wait to go back! (But I must wait.)

Oh, and I’m also embarrassed about the kind of stuff I’ve been buying at the grocery store. Doritos? Ice cream sandwiches?! While I always say I’ll save them for company, you know where half of that first bag of Doritos ended up, right? Yeah….don’t make me elaborate….

Groceries: $41.10 this week / $118.22 remaining
9/18 $3.89 (Ice cream sandwiches)
9/20 $21.89 (lots of random stuff)
9/21 $12.35 (Doritos, peanuts, and salad dressing, all BOGO free)
9/23 $2.97 (Jonagold apples!)

Gas: $26.44 this week / $111.71 remaining
(I also took $26.65 to cover the amount by which I went over in the household budget. That number is reflected in the amount remaining.)

Household: $42.06 / $0.00 remaining
BBB +$5.14 credit (coupon price adjustment)
BBB $17.11 (food scale)
Walmart $3.15 (spare keys)
Walmart $8.40 (2 towels, nails, and brownie mix)
HomeGoods $38.06 (2 platters, appetizer plates, and baking stuff)
Clothing: $19.52 (used to cover an amount by which I went over for Household items)

Entertainment: $20.60 this week / $41.78 remaining
Pottery Class Deposit $25.00
Change +$5.40 (I bought takeout for $15 and my sister gave me back $20)
CD for choreography $1.00
Wendy’s $2.12 (I went with a coupon for a free burger, but the code didn’t work!)

Dance: $145.00 this week / $25.00 remaining*
9/22 Single class $15
9/24 Choreography course $130

*I’d underspent in this category the last two months, so that surplus was carried over to cover the choreography class.

I’d say I’m in pretty good shape to end the month. There’s still a half week left to go, and other than the household and clothing categories I’m fine. Even that’s ok too….I’ll be busy enough this weekend that I won’t have time to want to go shopping. I think.

I actually have NO plans for tonight. Which is fine by me. I still haven’t watched “The Changeling” and I feel bad since i’m holding up my sister’s Netflix queue. Perhaps I’ll watch that. Although it’s the last Friday of the month….so the art museum will have a free concert….we’ll see what kind of mood I’m in tonight. I also need to clean up the apartment in case some friends decide to stop by.

On Saturday I have a packed day. I HAVE to go get my oil change bright and early, so I can perhaps head out to the post office to submit my passport application. After that I’m somewhat free. There’s another event at Whole Foods that I might go to, I’m supposed to hang out with a friend sometime that day, and admission to the zoo is free. Chances are I’ll cut out the zoo, but I hope to do all the rest.

On Sunday morning a friend is participating in a race, and I said I’d go watch. While I’d feel terribly if I skipped this, I’m not sure how I feel about it now that I found out you have to pay for parking. Bummer.

The best news of all is that I’m getting my bed frame next Wednesday!! The BF will be supervising, so I hope everything goes well.

Have a good weekend!