Gosh, I’m such a flake, aren’t I?  Always changing goals and stuff…

Flakiness aside, let’s admit it….visuals help. Visuals motivate. Right now I’m NOT getting motivated by my Lasik Fund. As it stands right this minute, I’m $4,600 away from my Lasik goal and $824 from my Efund goal. Can you see where I’m going with this?

I’m scrapping the Lasik fund, and working to complete my emergency fund….first with the $9,000 (which is where my fund would be had I not gone overbudget with the moving expenses), then making it back to the $10,000 mark. Maybe then I’ll start back up with the Lasik fund. While I’m really tempted to say “screw savings, I’m just going to get the surgery done in January….no matter how much I have saved up”, it’s probably not the smartest thing to do. I’ll probably do one of the two following: 1) wait until I have every penny saved up, or 2) use those special healthcare credit lines in which they do not charge interest over 12 or 18 months, and pay it off by then. Either way, there will be some waiting involved.

Like I said, I may change my mind again next week….but that’s the beauty of excel spreadsheets, right? Just a click of a button and I can reallocate anything. So for now, the Emergency Fund will be my focus.

If I go back and put everything that was in my Lasik fund into the Emergency fund that leaves me with just $470 to go! You see? Much more manageable!