Ah, yes….another week. And it’s almost October at that!

I was very glad to cross off two big things from my list this past weekend….1) I got my oil changed, and 2) I submitted my passport application!! I’m glad to have finally taken those off my list!


At home:
-Sort through contents of the drawers and try to purge AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! (I have tons of pens, crayons, markers, and other random CRAP in there)
-Wash dishes (they accumulate every few days. I need to get back into the habit of washing everything as the messes are made)
-Organize pantry. This is only getting worse as I make more stops at the grocery store and start cooking more.
-Do laundry.
-Clean the Bathroom.
-Vacuum hallway and shake out all rugs (5).
-Netflix: The Changeling (I’m a terrible sister. I need to watch this!), Gossip Girl season 1 disc 2 is in the mail…

-Get Renter’s insurance. I know, I know….I need to get this done!!
-Call handyman. I keep forgetting about this.
– Research birthday gifts for my sister and BIL.

-Pick up from home: coffee table (dad will drop off), and side table
-Buy a broom

Workouts: Thursday – DVD? (Or dance?), Friday – Run, Saturday – Run, Sunday – Run