September has been a rough month for me emotionally. I think it’s because the lack of exercise finally caught up to me, as well as the shock of having a co-worker (who was working on the same project as me) get laid off. Oddly enough, I’ve also been adjusting to the BF’s “lifestyle changes”. For the past year or so I’ve always been the one watching what I eat, while he’s the one encouraging me to eat crap. Three months ago things started shifting though….now that he’s eating healthy I’ve found myself feeling almost alienated (or something like that), and I’ve been purposely resisting healthy choices. I don’t know what that’s about, but I just thought I’d give you an insight to my frame of mind, lol.

Anyway, in spite of all that I did well on my goals! Ignore the fact that they were pretty simple. hehe. I purposely made it that way to keep myself from being overwhelmed.

September Goals

1. Survive my trip on less than $100. Wow, that seems so long ago, but yes, I did it! I spent $96 in total. SUCCESS!

2. Save an additional $100. I don’t have an official tally yet, but unless I spend more than $100 on groceries and gas today I should be good on this!! Another SUCCESS! (That’s not counting the “extra from my Roth”.)

3. Apply for passport. Another SUCCESS! I kinda got ripped off with the pictures ($15 at the post office) but that was my own fault for being lazy and not walking out of there and going over to a CVS to get them for $9. Even lazier for not going to my friend’s CVS and getting them for $1 or so. Oh well. I also got the passport card, so that was an extra $20 I hadn’t budgeted for. I hope I use them a lot in the next 10 years!

4. Workout 3 times a week. Um, not really. I did improve from nothing to once a week. Twice if you count dance classes. I really need to be working out closer to 4 or 5 days though (counting dance), so I need to step this up. Still a FAIL.

3 out of 4. Not bad at all!!


I don’t really have many expectations for October. There’s nothing overly exciting happening (other than my pottery classes, and dance starting up again at the end of the month!), so I don’t know. All I know is I have to get back into a routine as far as my eating and working out goes….the holidays are coming up, and I don’t want them to catch me unprepared!

October Goals

1. Get Renter’s Insurance. This has been on my to-do list for way too long.

2. Attend the free yoga class I won on a local blog giveaway! (I’m totally intimidated, which is why I haven’t made the time to go yet. I also hope I don’t have to pay for valet since it’s in a frou-frou hotel spa…

3. Save $70 towards my dance costume. (This month, as well as each month until the amount is due, I’m estimating I’ll need about $200) I haven’t started the dance classes yet, but it’d be nice to not have to rush at the end to find money to pay for a costume. I want to pay for this with unused “dance” money, as well as any extra money from the budget (again, not counting unused Roth money).

4. Bake some kind of bread. I’ve been wanting to start learning, but I never will if I don’t start trying!

5. Run 3 times a week, and work off a DVD once a week. I feel like a broken record, but I really need to make a conscious effort on this, as opposed to the past few months.