Honestly, I feel like I’m cheating by calling this week 1 of October. I obviously can’t call it September though, so October it is…

Utilities: $78.55 (Electric only, September)

Gas: $15.02 this week / $123.34 remaining for September

Clothing: $35.27 this week / $4.73 remaining in October
*DSW $23.51 (Pair of brown suede heels, pair of black loafers?)
*DSW $11.76 (Pair of red satin heels!)

Entertainment: $20.71 this week / -$13.93 remaining in September
Salad place $6.41 (will be reimbursed, mystery shop)
Pollo Tropical $6.41 (lunch 2/ BF)
McDonald’s $3.19 (not to make excuses…..but I was out visiting a client and needed to pick something up!)
McDonald’s $4.70 (same excuse as above)

*I’ve practically spent my whole October clothing budget!!! I may return some of the things I got at DSW though. While I think they were great deals, I have to be realistic about whether or not I’ll actually wear these things. I’m very proud of myself, I visited two DSWs and could’ve walked out with much more. I even turned down a pair of $14 black patent and pink T-strap heels from Betsy Johnson! Well, one of them was missing the stud that held the strap down on the front….but still, they were cute and I practiced restraint. While in college I would head over to the DSW every weekend during my senior year and scourge the Clearance section for new merchandise. I got a few cute finds. It was almost like a sport for me….a challenge to spot out all the yellow tagged stuff (that’s 80% off sticker price!) and try to find potential in them. lol. Good times…..

Anyway, aside from the shoes, everything was still from September. I’d say my spending has been going alright, if you exclude the last two fast food purchases I’ve made.

This weekend is going to be a busy one. While I don’t actually have plans for tonight, my Saturday is pretty much booked solid. I have a walk in the morning benefitting breast cancer, then I have my pottery class from 1-4. Then I have to run home and get ready for a concert at 8!! I’m also missing my brother in law’s 30th birthday party, but that’s their fault….I mentioned numerous times I was booked on Saturday (and his actual birthday already passed), so they have no right to be offended.(Although I am, a little, lol)

On Sunday there’s a big street party downtown that I’m going to with the BF. Or so we say. (I’ve been trying to go since they had the first one last year.) And then we hope to have lunch somewhere out there. And then I’ll recover from the weekend by spending the night in. Or at least that’s my plan.