I said I was mostly done with shopping for the apartment, but there’s one more thing I think I want (well, there are several if you count the vase, napkins, placemats, and fruit bowl….). I just can’t decide which….a toaster, or a toaster oven?

I thought I was sure I wanted a toaster oven. (I recognize it’s not a need in any way.) For those times when the BF is around and we want 2 or 3 cookies and I don’t feel like turning on the whole oven, or when I’d like to reheat something and again don’t feel like turning on the oven. The BF has one and swears I should have one. However, when I asked him how it did with toasting bread, he wasn’t too enthusiastic.

You’d think that the fact it’s called a “toaster oven” would mean it could properly toast my bread.  I’ve never owed one, therefore never actually tried toasting bread myself. The solution to this would be to get a toaster…..but that just seems like overkill, right? Especially considering I don’t really eat toast all that often (on the weekends, mostly), and since I did get a waffle maker I have no excuse for buying frozen waffles. I also don’t feel like giving up the counter or storage place for one.

That being said, do you have a toaster oven? If so, what are your experiences with it? Can you live without it? Does it fulfill your needs with toasting bread? What else can you do with it?

Or, are you a proud toaster owner that couldn’t do without?

Help me decide what to do! Comment below, and wax poetic about your favorite appliance, or simply vote!