Oh, September….it feels like it flew by, but then when I think back to my vacation the first days of the month they feel so long ago. September wasn’t too bad as far as my money goes. Much easier than I thought it’d be. Here’s a recap of the month’s spending.


Regular Expenses
Rent – $1,150 / 1,150
Phone – $50 / 49.15
Internet – $50 / 0
Student Loans – $167.25 / 167.25
Car Loan – $260 / 229.50
Dad – $300 / 0
Roth IRA – $400 / 200
Dance – $130.00 / 175.00 (since I skipped classes last month, I had extra to fund my choreography course!)

Irregular Expenses
Renters Insurance – $33.33 / 0 (haven’t gotten a policy yet!)
Car Insurance – $116.67 / 0 (paid 2x a year)
Car Registration – $6.93 / 0 (paid 1x a year)
Personal – $8.33 / 0 (reserved for haircuts, 2x per year?)

Variable Expenses
Utilities – $100 / 78.55 (electric only, extra is being saved for when I finally get billed for water….)
Groceries – $200 / 81.78
Gas – $200 / 76.66
Household – $45.00 / $91.17 (went way overbudget. Took from entertainment, clothing and gas to adjust)
Clothing – $40.00 / 20.48 (used the balance to cover “household” expenses)
Entertainment – $100 / 113.93 (I would’ve been ok, except that I decided to use this fund to pay for my passport pictures and passport card. I had only saved up enough for the passport book. )
Set Savings – $38.29 / 38.29

So in the end I had leftover money in my Groceries and Gas line items. Not as good as I thought I’d do (I thought I’d have extra money in the “entertainment” line item), but still good overall. Total saved = $200.98 (twice as much as my goal!)

You may have also noticed the total amount I gave to my dad this month was $0. I had intended to give him the check, and shortly after I returned from my trip I saw my mom and gave it to her to pass onto my dad. She refused to take it. I kept meaning to give it to my dad, but hadn’t had a chance to talk to him about it when there weren’t a bunch of people around. So, I may just forget about September and start again in October, or we’ll see what he says…either way I’m going to wait before counting on that $300 for anything.

Either way, I still had $200 that I held off from putting into my Roth IRA. That is going directly to the emergency fund.  An additional $50 was saved from my “internet” line item.

Total saved in September: $450.98. (All of which is going towards the emergency fund. I’m almost at $9,000 again!)

Not bad, not bad at all!