I almost didn’t post a to-do list this week.

You may have noticed I didn’t really get much done last week, so I figured “what’s the point?” But that’s like saying “I’m already in debt, might as well not make any efforts to live within my means”. Yeah, doesn’t make much sense. So here’s my simplified list this week:

-Create Meal Plan for the week (and start planning the following week)

-Call Geico and Liberty Mutual to compare Rental Insurance plans (already have one online quote from Geico, but since I live in a hurricane zone I wanted to ask them more about that….I also want to find out if it’ll be significantly lower if I also get my car insurance from them)

-Schedule Rent payment, and make it a monthly reccurence

Clean up the apartment!! Broken down further:

-Sort laundry, and run the washer! (And separate what needs to be drycleaned)
-Vacuum carpet in room
-Wash ALL dishes, and store once they’re dry. Keep the dishes clean! (Along with that: keep all counters clear)
-Clean the bathroom floor and counters, wash the towels, scrub the shower
-Shake out hallway rugs, vacuum hallway
-Get a broom, and clean “common area” floors
-Wipe down kitchen counters
-Clear off dining table.

Basically, I’m concentrating on catching up with housework. Last week I would just arrive home and veg out in front of the TV with a bag of chips. I’m stopping that now before it becomes too much of a habit.

Monday – Stop by my parents house. (Not sure if I want to get my run in first)
Tuesday – Dance class (belly dance)
Wednesday – No plans yet.
Thursday – Dance class (flamenco)

Friday – Stopping by the parents house
Saturday – Run in the morning. Pottery at noon. Perhaps the mall in the afternoon?
Sunday – No plans yet