The last time I set foot in Anthropologie was probably in 2005. I don’t remember much, except for being outraged and their super high prices.

Well, I returned to Anthropologie this weekend and I have concluded that it’s a work of the devil.

Ok, perhaps I’m exaggerating, but I think I’m beginning to understand why so many out there are obsessed, even though they know full well that they should NOT be thinking about shopping at such a place. (You PF bloggers know who I’m talking about….)

You walk in. The lighting is slightly dimmed, creating an enticing and comforting ambiance. The merchandise is colorful, whimsical…luring you in. It made me giddy as if I was a schoolgirl again. For me, the focus was not on the clothes….it was all about the housewares. And let me tell you, I was swooning left and right.

I never thought I’d get all worked up about drawer pulls (or knobs, whatever you call them), but holy cow….what a collection! All gorgeous! Made me wish I had several pieces of furniture that needed to be redone (although i’m glad I don’t, because at $12-15 a piece that could get expensive real quick). Tea cup and saucer sets left and right, all different styles, all adorable and begging to be taken home. Temptation around every corner. [sigh] I ended up taking home a set of 4 Fleur de Lys teacups and saucers, as well as the sugar pot (shown below) after convincing myself that $10 a set wasn’t bad. (In hindsight, kinda overpriced, but still completely adorable and they match wonderfully with the cake stand I bought last month. Hm….I wonder if I should return for the teapot….$28 if anyone’s wondering.)873482_whi_bSo there you have it. I managed to spend 3 hours at the mall without buying ONE SINGLE THING….until I stepped foot in that store. Surely there’s no other explanation.

(I also fell in love with this bracelet. I’ve noticed part of me still wants to accessorise like a teenager, lol.)